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Adam Savage Returns to Science Channel, Will Host "MythBusters Jr.," New Series Featuring Next Generation of Science Superstars

The 10-episode series will debut on Science Channel in the 4th quarter of 2018.   ...Read More...

By Far the Worst Thing Ever Discovered on Mythbusters

So yes, it’s okay to feel sick to your stomach on this one. But one of the worst episodes, well, the most disturbing episodes at any rate, has to do with fecal matter on your toothbrush. No, I’m not talking about the scene in Horrible Bosses where the guy flosses his butt with his boss’s toothbrush, because that’s flat out nasty anyway. But the mythbusters did an episode concerning the veracity of the claim that toilets send up a fine spray of water that contains fecal matter that can then settle on everything around it. Sounds nasty doesn’t it? I would imagine a lot of people get queasy just thinking about the fact that they might be brushing their teeth with bits of nasty getting scrubbed onto their chompers with every stroke. Well unfortunately the myth is very real. The guys set up a test in which they had several toothbrushes that were in the vicinity of the toilet and out in the open. They used two of the toothbrushes regularly and simply rinsed the others. They also kept two other toothbrushes in an office well away from the bathroom as a means of using a controlled aspect within the experiment. After a month of using the two toothbrushes and merely rinsing the others they took the toothbrushes to a microbiologist for testing and found that every last one had a microscopic amount of fecal matter on them. This left the conclusion that fecal matter isn’t just present in the bathroom, but nearly everywhere else as well. READ MORE...

New host dishes on the crazy world of MythBusters

Brooklyn native Jonathan Lung nearly missed his chance to become a MythBuster. Lung had set aside an online application to compete on MythBusters: The Search, a contest to replace previous hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman on the popular Discovery Channel reality show. He remembered it the day the application was due as he...   ...Read More...

MythBusters Returns With an Experiment That Will Knock Your Socks (and Legs) Off (Exclusive Video)

Whether you missAdam SavageandJamie Hyneman or not, you have to admit, it looks like the MythBusters revival is gonna crush it literally. In the upcoming premiere from the 14-episode season, new hosts Jon Lung and Brian Louden enter the MythBusters world with an airbag test experiment that puts the safety of a synthetic cadaver at stake. The guys are trying to figure out if having your feet on the dashboard when the airbag releases after a fender bender is actually lethal. Honestly, why risk it? Well, we guess its their job to roll the dice, but only with the dummy. OK, guys?   ...Read More...

The Obamas' Greatest TV Moments

No first family has been as TV-friendly as the Obamas, who have appeared on daytime, primetime, and late-night shows — usually with an important policy or cause to promote and always down to have a good time. As Barack and Michelle Obama prepare to step away from the spotlight, let's look back at some of their most entertaining moments on television.   Evolution of Mom Dancing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon The appearance was part of a wide promotional push for the Let's Move campaign, but all that matters is that the first lady of the United States did the Dougie.   Leslie Meets Michelle on Parks and Recreation Amy Poehler, flawless queen of comedy, did most of the work here, but Michelle Obama was a fairly natural and charismatic guest.   "Ew!" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon The first lady's appearance was enough to make up for Will Ferrell rocking a pre-teen girl's tank top.   POTUS Visits Between Two Ferns President Obama was surprisingly game and delivered a sick Hangover 3 burn.   Michelle Meets Elena on Billy on the Street Arguably the strangest choice the Let's Move team made was sending Michelle Obama into a supermarket with Big Bird and Billy Eichner. And Elena!   President Obama Gets Mean on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Searching for mean tweets directed at any major political figure can lead down a truly dark and depressing path, but Jimmy Kimmel's team always finds the right mix of rude and ridiculous.   Adam and Jamie Go to Washington on Mythbusters A president who's into science? What a delight.   POTUS Slow Jams the News on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Another mic drop.   FLOTUS Sings on The Late Late Show with James Corden The Let Girls Learn campaign saw Michelle Obama promoting a charity single featuring Missy Elliott, Janelle Monae, and Kelly Clarkson. So why not sing some karaoke with late-night TV's newest James?   Michelle Obama Hits CVS on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ellen introduces the first lady to boxed wine. (We're all gonna need some soon.) p { text-align: justify; }

MythBusters Reunite in the First Trailer for Netflix’s ‘White Rabbit Project’

If you were a fan of Discovery Channel’s pro-science show MythBusters over the course of its 280-some episodes and 8 Primetime Emmy nominations, you’ll recognize the stars of the new Netflix Original Series, White Rabbit Project. The producers of the myth-busting forebear return for this new series that stars Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara. The first trailer for White Rabbit Project reunites the build team members who don’t seem to have missed a step in the transition to the new show. That being said, there will be some differences in the layout of the upcoming series. No longer will there be a focus on any actual "myth-busting" but rather an exploration of history’s great inventions, cutting-edge technology, and some of the most improbable escapes and heists ever attempted. That’s not to say that Byron, Belleci, and Imahara won’t be subjecting themselves to the unpredictable and often dangerous chaos their job entails; far from it. As the first trailer reveals, they’re still up to their old tricks, just in a new setting. READ MORE...

The Mythbusters Gang Is Back in This White Rabbit Project Trailer

The season will be available on Netflix December 9.   ...Read More... //

There's an Entire Art Show Dedicated toMythBusters

Finding and busting some of the worlds biggest myths is almost an art unto itself. Now, theres an entire exhibition dedicated to the Art of the Myth. Its even got the stamp of approval from Adam Savage himself.  Read More... //

The MythbustersBuild Team is Heading to Netflix

Mythbusters may have booted out its Three Musketeers shortly before the entire series was shut down, but the M7 Build Team is coming back with a new Netflix show about the dark corners of web science. ...Read More... //

Mythbusters Returns to Science Channel with Search for Hosts in Reality Competition

  Although MythBusters just concluded its run on Discovery Channel in early March, the network's sister station, Science Channel, is picking up where Discovery left off and re-launching the super cool science show...with a catch. According to The Hollywood Reporter , Science Channel will launch a new ...  Read More...   //