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10/21/09: Mythbusters - "Dirty versus Clean Car"

Mythbusters has been one of my favorite television shows since its debut in 2003. The romanticized viewpoint of the scientific world leads everyone to believe that scientists spend their days wearing pristine white lab coats, sitting in state of the art laboratories, making triumphant discoveries, further advancing the world, then going home to debate Star Trek vs Star Trek: The Next Generation with their chat room buddies. To outsiders, this is an illusion we don't want tarnished by bothersome details such as facts, or reality. The Mythbusters shatter this illusion just ever so slightly; we the viewing audience can see the scientific method in action. Read more Mythbusters here.

I want the See Saw!

Well, other than the fact that the title says it all. I loved this episode. The whole crew worked on a single very complicated (from an engineering stand point) myth. Those are my favorite, especially when they turn out like today's did. Wow! I won't give the ending away, but it is a rather science filled episode. If you like to watch things go boom this isn't the episode for you. However, it is a masterwork of working together, and physics, and engineering. The younger set also gets to do some pretty cool extreme sports stuff (for instance that is a HUGE bungee). I can't wait for next week's episode.

Science.. Kinda..

Such a interesting show, each experiment shows a mixture of the general methods of science while also continually being interesting. Jamie and Adam will be the first to tell you that they are not claiming to be engineers or scientists but they do make a interesting show that turned into a hit phenomenon. Excellent!


This show is great it has a nice mix of explosions,wrecks,and science. This show is just flat out good and it also spawns viral videos from fans of the show,A MUST WATCH :).


I love this show! It's so crazy! They actually come up with some pretty good things to test. I like when they blow stuff up. It sounds dorky but it's cool to see what will happen, hoping that nothing goes wrong. A lot of the viewers come up with good myths. I personally like the one where they wakeboarded behind a cruise ship! It was really cool. I wouldn't mind doing this show for my job! That would be awesome!!! Oh and Jamie always has a funny hat on! lol :)


the new epesodes i saw where so funny. i just couldent stop laghing.

Great SHow.

Mythbusters is an awesome Show! I highly recommend it to anyone who's bored or is interested in anything to do with Blowing stuff up, curiosity, Technology, Science or even if you aren't it's still a great show. This show deserves 5 stars! WOOT! Go Mythbusters.