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7:00 PM EST
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1 Seasons, 47 Episodes
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A 47 ep anime based off a manga


Blast, First Live

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Blast prepares for its first ever live concert when they get Nana and Hachi meet a strange girl conected with Nana's past

Episode Reviews

by TelevisionFanboy

Feb 04, 2016

Funny, informative, and sarcastic as heck, Stephen Colbert delivers the world's news. Both managing to educate and entertain, this long standing program was a great success with a large fan base.

by steppensquirrle

Feb 27, 2015

Early in this show (years and years ago) The Colbert Report started as just an over the top parody of Fox News (Billy O'Reilly). It was hard to watch, but Colbert grew into his character and this show became one of the best pieces of satire on television. Some of his monologues really ought to be collected into a book. Also Colbert is just incredibly likeable and an all-around talented performer.

by csventimilla

Feb 15, 2015

Oh my favorite egotistical republican! How I will miss thee... you delivered the news like a true american hero, sir.

by modyvishal

Jul 25, 2014

An extremely witty Stephen Colbert sarcastically discusses the latest world news.

by Speakezee

Apr 15, 2015

Can hardly wait until Colbert starts Late Night on CBS. It will be so unusual to see the REAL Stephen as himself and not the tongue in cheek character from TCR. I miss all the little nuances that showed so clearly how crazy the extreme right hardliners are in this country.