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7:00 PM EST
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1 Seasons, 47 Episodes
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A 47 ep anime based off a manga


Blast, Debut!

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With Blast holed up in a secret hotel room, Misato has come to visit again while Yasu and Gaia finally make a decision about the debut. Nana tells Nobu that she has a plan to get Hachi back. Trapnest's members leave for London and Hachiko heads back to he

Episode Reviews

by bndoorh

Apr 16, 2016

i give this show d-

by ShellyMarie

Sep 14, 2014

Ok... realistically, this is a terrible show. However, the male roommate is hilarious and completely carries the show with his listening in on everyone's ridiculous schemes. Total instigator. This is definitely a guilty pleasure show!

by Moniie

Feb 20, 2019

I think this was sorta funny but it never got a real chance to develop further.. Yea it is no friends or something but it wasnt that awfull :)

by teltigre

Feb 18, 2015

Pretty good comedy that got better as it went along. I wish it had one more season to see if it could continue getting better.

by Duncandehaan

Jan 07, 2015

this is a good one !!