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Naruto Creator Is Involved With That Dreaded Live-Action Movie

Apparently, that live-action Naruto movie is still in the works, and it looks like the man who first brought the manga to life is helping out with the production. Masashi Kishimoto announced his involvement at this years Jump Festa expo, sharing some pre-production images with audience members. Whee! ....Read More... //feeds.gawker.com/~r/io9/full/~3/UwZ77zP9NXc/naruto-creator-is-involved-with-that-dreaded-live-actio-1790226955

‘The Last -Naruto the Movie-’ Anime Gets Full Teaser Spot

The TV teaser arrived yesterday and now the full length thirty second teaser has landed for the first  Naruto  feature in two years since  Naruto: Road to Ninja  came out. The tenth installment in the franchise overall,  The Last -Naruto the Movie-  is set for a December 6th, 2014 released. The film is coming at the same time that the original manga series by Masashi Kishimoto is entering the 15th anniversary period of the property which is being celebrated in a Naruto’s New Era Opening Project which includes this feature film.   Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/08/01/the-last-naruto-the-movie-anime-gets-full-teaser-spot/

‘The Last -Naruto the Movie-’ Anime Gets First Teaser Spot

While it has an awkward title, we’ve got the first look in a brief teaser at the first feature in two years since Naruto: Road to Ninja  came out. The tenth installment in the franchise overall,  The Last -Naruto the Movie-  is set for a December 6th, 2014 released. The film is coming at the same time that the original manga series by Masashi Kishimoto is entering the 15th anniversary period of the property which is being celebrated in a Naruto’s New Era Opening Project which includes this feature film.   Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/07/31/the-last-naruto-the-movie-anime-gets-first-teaser-spot/

Viz Media Sets Third ‘Naruto: Shippuden’ Movie DVD & BD Anime Release

Viz Media has set the release for the 3rd movie in the  Naruto: Shippuden  franchise with  The Will of Fire  now set for an October 23rd, 2012 release. The original subtitle for it is  Inheritors of the Will of Fire  and it was in theaters in 2009 under director Masahiko Murata’s guidance with a script from Junki Takegami and Masashi Kishimoto. The feature was part of the tenth anniversary celebration when that site was unveiled, giving it some additional pressure along the way.  The feature came in 11th overall for 2009 in comparison to other anime features released and its theatrical box office take on 266 screens was $7,769,864 with three weeks of release.   Read More.... //www.fandompost.com/2012/08/02/viz-media-sets-third-naruto-shippuden-movie-dvd-bd-anime-release/  

Naruto: Shippuden Episode #181 Anime Review

Naruto spends another minute or so in the present continuity for this episode before it delves back into another flashback story to when the main gang was younger, more innocent and cute little darlings. At least that's the kind of image that's often presented in the present as even Sakura has softened her view of things and seemingly looks back at it all with a sense of fondness. Considering the drama and trauma she was often put through, it's not really a surprise that time has done this to those days and that she's looking for some kind of comforts or distractions in the present with what her life has been like. Even more so since the village was so thoroughly destroyed (yet appears to be being rebuilt at breakneck speed to something familiar). The main focus of this episode is when the group enters a village on their current journey and discover that a man named Tsukado is there who has official permission to carry out a vendetta against someone who killed a relative of his. It's all very matter of fact and fits in well enough with things, but Tsukado is something of the wrong type to carry out this kind of job and has failed repeatedly at it. While everyone is basically ready to move on after hearing the story, Naruto decides to help him out after hearing all that's involved and intends to use his ninja skills to get him going in the right direction so he can become a "vendetta pro." The story for this has a whole lot of artificial drama that doesn't click and Naruto's involvement feels like it's so forced that it's hard to imagine anyone giving him the time of day in a situation like this. When the big reveal is made about part of what's going on, it only adds to the pointlessness of it all. Even as a story showing us Naruto at a younger age and the things he gets involved in, it lacks any substance to tie it well enough to the present to make it worthwhile. It's just about as bad as a lot of the filler we got in the first series after the main arc finished but before Shippuden started up.

what in all the hells?!

season 4 episode 167, what the hell is that?! compared to all the other ones that was the worst graphical episode from naruto ive ever seen! they seriously could do better than that!

Two Naruto Shippuden episodes this week!

It's a big turning point in the story of Naruto Shippuden, and to make up for last week's hiatus, we have been given a special two-part episode to digest this week! First up is Naruto Shippuden episode 152, "Somber News," where Naruto and the rest of the Leaf Village receive Jiraiya's final, cryptic message. Then, we see Naruto Shippuden episode 153, "Following the Master's Shadow," where the smartest ninjas of the Leaf Village try to decipher Jiraiya's message about how to defeat Pain, while Naruto wrestles with the loss of the only father figure he's ever known. It's an emotional start to an arc that's going to be absolutely intense once it gets rolling, so make sure you enjoy this deluxe presentation before the action gets too fast to keep up with!

Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 151: "Somber News" Preview

It's back to the main storyline in Naruto Shippuden episode 152! With Naruto and the rest of Team Yamato back from their mission to help Hotaru, the Hidden Leaf Village receives grave news from an old friend. The sage comes bearing news of Jiraiya's death (way back in episode 133, The Gallant Tale of Jiraiya ), and everyone in the village is in shock at the loss of the great hero. Naruto is hit especially hard by the death of his mentor, but his grief could cost the village dearly. Jiraiya's cryptic message about Pain has to be deciphered if the village ever expects to defeat the enigmatic Pain! Watch Naruto Shippuden season 4, episode 152: "Somber News" on March 25th as the story gets back in gear!

Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 150 Preview: The Forbidden Jutsu Released

In the next episode of Naruto Shippuden : Utakata has saved Naruto from Shiranami's trap, but Shiranami still has the upper hand - Hotaru and the entire Tsuchigumo clan are all under his control, and Naruto and Utakata have to race against time before he releases Hotaru's forbidden jutsu. But what really gets Naruto angry is how Shiranami treats Hotaru: to him, she's just a tool, and not a person. It's up to the skills of Naruto and Utakata to save Hotaru! Watch how it all unfolds this Thursday, when Naruto Shippuden Episode 150, "The Forbidden Jutsu Released," airs in Japan and is streamed on Crunchyroll!

Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 148 "Heir to Darkness" Preview

Next week on Naruto Shippuden: The Hidden Mist Village Black Ops have retreated and are going to leave Utakata alone, but the damage is done. The Tsuchigumo clan is convinced that the forbidden technique is no longer safe inside of Hotaru, and wants to destroy it. But what will happen to Hotaru, with the forbidden technique implanted in her back? Utakata's past is being relived in front of his eyes, and he may not stand for it! Find out what happens on February 18, when Naruto Shippuden Season 4, Episode 148: "Heir to Darkness" continues the story of Utakata!