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Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 161 - Review: "I am Konohamaru of the Sarutobi Clan! "

Not exactly filler, but more of a side story, this installment of Naruto is one that does help to flesh out the events playing out in the village somewhat nicely. At the same time, it can't help but to remind me of Dragon Ball Z in how a sequence is stretched out further than it should be, where it makes for a good chapter in a manga volume but less thrilling when it's an entire episode of an anime. So much is going on in the village right now with the Akatsuki attack, that it's a double edged sword to spend time on one particular member as he conducts his search for Naruto. This particular attack deals with some of the lower level ninjas of the village as he takes them down easily and uses an unusual jutsu to gain information from them. When he has a pair of them in his hands, literally, a massive head forms behind him and the ninja's tongues of sorts come out from their mouths. The big head then has hands come out of its mouth which then grasps the tongues and determines whether they're telling the truth or not about whether they know where Naruto is. It's rather creepy to be sure, but it's just another aspect of the Akatsuki and of the jutsu's out there that pushes the boundaries of what works and what doesn't work. Only those in the grasp of the Akatsuki can see it though, which adds a little more to it being a hallucination trick of some sort perhaps. Read More Click Me!