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Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 167 - Review: "Nine-Tails Capture Complete "

Naruto: Shippuden hit a surprising high in the previous episode by taking a character that's generally liked and making her the most human of them all with the emotional connection that was formed. Throwing her into the midst of the battle against Pain and having it turn as it did wasn't exactly a surprise considering the characters that have fallen so far, but it was executed with such simplicity and intensity that it was unlike anything we had seen before. And even with all the losses that Naruto has suffered, especially in this arc, seeing what happened to Hinata set him off completely and the best within has now gone completely out of control in a way that surpasses what we've seen before. The Nine Tails (or rather, six tails to be precise) action here against Pain is strikingly beautiful in its execution and design. The series has taken an interesting approach to the character designs for the Pain puppets that's reminding me a whole lot of Noein with its slightly angular and more fluid feeling. The way they look against the backgrounds adds a lot to that feeling since it's done in a somewhat rough and earthy color palette that's very striking when set against the way the Nine Tails looks with the vibrant reds and the new white aspect to it that adds a bit more mass. With the seals that are placed on him falling away, Naruto's losing control more and more because of what's happened and it's becoming self fulfilling as the mere existence of Pain is driving him further to destruction. Read More Click Me!