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Naruto Shippuden - Season 4 - Episode 159 - Review: "Pain vs. Kakashi "

The village of the Hidden Leaf has been under quite a lot of destruction from the attack by the Akatsuki who have arrived, something we see through the numerous scenes of devastation that the village is suffering. It's one of the more impressive moments in the series to see the village so thoroughly destroyed in areas, but the show has not matched that in action as a lot of it has been happening off-camera or with just a little nod here and there. So much of the rubble has been created without seeing how it happened, which sadly lessens its impact some. The opening half of the episode focuses on the battle between Pain and Kakashi. Kakashi has long been my favorite character of the series because of his laid back attitude, which makes his more serious moments all the more fun as it he takes it up a few notches. When he has to get series, it means that there's a lot at stake. With his fight against Pain, he does employ some of his standard techniques in how he work to isolate what Pain's abilities are and devise ways to stop him, along with getting a little help from Choji and his father, Choza. Kakashi is the type who will definitely sacrifice himself to gain information that can lead to a victory, something that many of the older village ninja will do. The fight is really quite good as it's done with a very serious feel and generally low but dramatic music when appropriate, opting to go for no music during some of the better moments. Read More Click Me!