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Nashville Recap: Cult Classic

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Nashville recap here. Nashvilles Darius finally drops the nice-guru act in this weeks episode, and though there are far bigger questions that need resolution before the shows impending finale will Juliette and Avery get back together? Is Emily harboring secret resentment about being Cadences glorified nanny? []

Nashville Recap: Same As It Ever Was

Some major characters remain largely MIA as Juliette threatens Darius and the drama between Twig and Maddie deepens.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Premature Evacuations

Juliette keeps her cool while Deacon sorts through some paternal issues as the final season inches to its close.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap : Too Brittle, Too Late?

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Despite the fact that The Movement for Coherent Philosophy is a manipulative cult that detains people against their will, Ill say this for it: It seems to have had at lease some positive influence in the life of Ms. Juliette Barnes. (Still, cults = bad. []

Nashville Recap: Chime's Up

Juliettes largely MIA in an episode in which Alannah experiences a #MeToo moment.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Aghast From the Past

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. This weeks Nashville is mostly about Deacons father showing up in town, which is important and resonant and elicits some very fine performances from Charles Esten and Ronny Cox. I promise, well talk about that a lot in a moment. But did you see Averys []

Nashville Recap: The Struggle Is Real

Things are, shockingly, not going well for Juliette in Bolivia.  ...Read More...

Nashville: Nobody Puts Juliette in a Corner

Nashville has pulled its fair share of crazy storylines over the past six seasons, but this one might take the cake. After Juliette ( Hayden Panettiere ) decided to stay in Bolivia with Darius ( Josh Stamberg ) and his cult rather than return home to Avery ( Jonathan Jackson ) and Cadence, it seemed as if  ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Juliette Is Finally Back! But Does Her Return Come Too Late?

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Remember when Nashvilles Avery was crying and pleading with Juliette to leave her Bolivian cult facility, but itreally seemed like shed been brainwashed into staying? Turns out, all it took to flip her switch was a little human-rights infringement and an unplanned pregnancy. Easy-peasy! Dont []

Nashville Recap: Insignificant Others

A group of newish characters continues to dominate the series as it enters the home stretch.   ...Read More...