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Nashville Recap: Talent Down!

Would Nashville dare end with Avery and Juliette not together?   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Gone-for-Good Girl?

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Avery, Ive implored you to stop this insanity, but this weeks episode ofNashville makes itclear: Weve both wildly underestimated the severity of your situation. When it comes to extricating Juliette from the clutches of a low-key cult, youre gonna need reinforcements. When Juliette extends her []

Nashville Recap: Long Strange Trip

Juliette has basically been body snatched by a cult.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Bad Romance

Daphne has officially taken over the role of Nashvilles snotty teenager.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Gunnar Strikes Again!

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Gunnar? You barely know er! Nashvilles resident blonde (at least while Juliettes out of town) does his thing in this weeks episode and by his thing, I mean sleeps with a woman with whom he is professionally involved, even though that arrangement didnt work []

Nashville Recap: Gone Girl

Is Juliette really trekking off to Bolivia now?   ...

Nashville Recap: Sad in the Sack

Need to catch up? Check out last episodesNashville post mortem here. Deacon, you were so close. This weeks Nashville finds the label head/widower/poster boy for Dad sexiness nearing a major milestone: His first real nookie since Rayna kicked the bucket last season. But buttons are barely unbuttoned and chests are barely heaving before Deke starts []

Nashville Recap: Strings Attached

The cult really hits the fan this week, huh?   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Getting Twiggy With It

I will not be swayed by your charms, young Jonah.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Well You Can Tell My Heart, My 'Roid Ragey Heart

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. The Saddest Sack in Music City award this week goes toNashvilles Will Lexington, who manages to have an embarrassing goodbye with his ex, a failed hook-up with a gymbro and an uncomfortable revelation to Gunnar all in the space of an hour. Oh, and did []