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Nashville Recap: Sad in the Sack

Need to catch up? Check out last episodesNashville post mortem here. Deacon, you were so close. This weeks Nashville finds the label head/widower/poster boy for Dad sexiness nearing a major milestone: His first real nookie since Rayna kicked the bucket last season. But buttons are barely unbuttoned and chests are barely heaving before Deke starts []

Nashville Recap: Strings Attached

The cult really hits the fan this week, huh?   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Getting Twiggy With It

I will not be swayed by your charms, young Jonah.   ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Well You Can Tell My Heart, My 'Roid Ragey Heart

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. The Saddest Sack in Music City award this week goes toNashvilles Will Lexington, who manages to have an embarrassing goodbye with his ex, a failed hook-up with a gymbro and an uncomfortable revelation to Gunnar all in the space of an hour. Oh, and did []

Nashville Recap 1/11/18: Season 6 Episode 2 “Second Chances”

Scarlett and Deacon make their way through the farmer’s market. Scarlett sees Gunnar and runs to a vendor. Deacon follows her. She explains she is hiding from him. They start walking again and run into Jessie. She and Deacon fumble to make small talk before saying goodbye. Scarlett tells him he needs to call her. Gunnar heads home and tells Will he saw Scarlett who pretended she didn’t see him. Will tells him to let it go. Will offers to play with Gunnar this week at his gig. Gunnar is a bit insulted. Will reassures him it is just because he had fun last week. Avery talks to Juliette about going to see someone. She has a plan. She is going to see Darius. Avery isn’t too keen on the idea. Deacon calls Jessie and asks her out. She is a bit reluctant at first but then agrees to meet up with him. READ MORE...

Nashville Premiere Recap 1/4/18: Season 6 Episode 1 “New Strings”

Deacon, Scarlett and the girls get together in the living room to take a Christmas picture. Bucky calls. Maddie has been asked to sing at a Hunger benefit and for MTV on New Year’s Eve. Juliette is having a break down over her album cover. Avery thinks they should bump out her tour. Her manager is about to answer when Juliette tells everyone in the room to get the hell out. She throws herself into her chair. Gunnar and Will are playing basketball. Gunnar is worried about his upcoming gig. Will reassures him he will be fine. They head to Juliette’s show. Will runs into Zach. It is uncomfortable. Will brushes it off, telling Avery he is fine. READ MORE...

Nashville Recap: The New Normal

Is Nashville even a soap opera anymore?   ...

Nashville Recap: An Open Plea to Avery

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Avery, dude, youve gotta put a stop to this. I realize that being Mr. Juliette Barnes is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that you will never fully tell us about. I realize youre married to a woman who, though amazing, is also simultaneously more skittish than []

Nashville Season-Premiere Recap: Blonde Ambition

The adventures of Gunnars hair deserve their own TV show.   ...Read More....

Nashville Season 6 Premiere Recap: Dropping the Ball

Need to catch up? Check out theNashville Season 5 finale post mortem here. Its New Years Eve in Nashville, yet not a single one of our Music City denizens has someone to kiss at midnight. And if that isnt fodder for the saddest country song ever, I dont know what is. Scratch that: Nothing is []