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Nashville Recap 8/3/17: Season 5 Episode 21 “Farther On”

It’s early morning and Deacon is being text repeatedly. He’s tired and runs down and Steve wants to know if he will play the Opry. Meanwhile, Alyssa is getting Maddie in a dress for her Mascara 24 commercial. The company’s execs show up to give her flowers. They would love to see her at their party tonight. She reluctantly agrees. Avery just got off stage. He’s signing autographs and dealing with angry Juliette on the phone who is making tea. The baby might be sick and Juliette could catch it. She needs to be in the studio soon to record. Maddie and Daphne are hanging out while Maddie complains that she is tired. Deacon comes home. Maddie asks him if he wants to go to the party. He’s tired and he has more work to do. He tells them that he is going to play the Opry. Maddie is at her party. She is tired. Alyssa gets pulled aside. The CEO doesn’t see a connection between Maddie’s song and his company’s mascara. They cheer for Maddie to sing, but Alyssa tells them she needs to go home. Alyssa gets up on stage instead. She has a surprisingly great voice and the crowd is happy. Maddie watches with a smile from the door before slipping out. Maddie is recording her commercial. The director yells cut. The backdrop isn’t stormy enough. They resume. The director yells cut again. Now it looks like a monsoon. Cut, cut, cut, the director keeps yelling as Maddie shivers and blinks from the excessive water. READ MORE...

Nashville Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Farther On

Whew. A lot happened in Nashville Season 5 Episode 21 . Avery and Juliette fought then made up. Deacon and Zack fought then split up. Jessie did her best to help Deacon, while everyone did their best to help Maddie.  ...Read More...

'Nashville' Recap: Is This the End of Highway 65?

Everyone is tired in Nashville "Farther On." Nobody can catch a break, and certainly not Maddie. It looks like Highway 65 is in peril, as Deacon finds out he has to make a tough decision. Just where is this going for the season finale next episode?  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Hashtag Stressed

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Are you there, Luke Wheeler? Its me, a troubled Nashville enthusiast. Before you say anything, yes. I was one of the people routinely calling you out as a ridiculous corporate whore whod slap his name on anything for the right price. Yes, I often mocked [] //

Nashville Recap: Maybe She's Born With It

Remember when Juliette was actually fun?  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap 7/27/17: Season 5 Episode 20 “Speed Trap Town”

Maddie wakes up to the news that she has been nominated for a major music award. Juliette has too, Daphne and Deacon share. Maddie’s smile fades for a second. Meanwhile, Juliette is on the phone with Avery, he congratulates her for her nomination. She isn’t happy, but says thanks. Avery is on the tour bus with Gunnar. He asks Gunnar if he will visit his hometown. Gunnar supposes. Jessie is singing and playing the guitar while Deacon watches by Face time. Gunnar travels with his hometown. He looks out the window at the small stores. He arrives at a nursing home where he goes to visit his grandma. She lights up a secret in her hospital bed. She is passing soon, she tells him. If she smokes it won’t matter. Gunnar heads to a hotel. He calls Scarlett. Tells her about his grandma. Scarlett tells him she is okay. She’s cooking. She wants to call him back. She gets off the phone and takes a deep breath. There is a clatter outside that rattles her. She is scared. She grabs a butcher knife and peers outside. It’s a raccoon. READ MORE...

Nashville Recap: Bad Grandma

Not gonna lie, I like Gunnars grandma. ...Read More... //

Nashville Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Speed Trap Town

Who says you can't go home? On Nashville Season 5 Episode 20 , Gunnar did just that. He returned to his childhood home in Aurora, Texas. While there, just like a country song, he ran into an old high school crush. She wasn't into him back then, but she sure is now. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with him being a famous musician? Poor Gunnar. He either can't see it or doesn't care. Maybe a little both. ...Read More...

'Nashville' Recap: Remembering the Past Can be Good for the Soul

Gunnar takes a trip home in Nashville Season 5 "Speed Trap Town," but it isn't all hearts and roses. Blasts from the past show up in places he least expected, with memories of less fortunate times. There is one good thing to come out of those memories though. It's a shame that the same couldn't be said for Maddie and Juliette as their war continues. ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: You Can Go Home Again, But You Probably Shouldn't

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. If youd have told me a year-and-a-half ago that Id be asking formore Maddie in myNashville, Id have told you to go shove your head in a Tupperware full of pink macaroni. And yet, as this weeks Gunnar-centric episode unspools, I find myself constantly wondering, []