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'Nashville' Recap: Is Deacon Really Moving on from Rayna?

Nashville is never without drama, and "Ghost in This House" attempts to kick it up a notch. Not only does Scarlett face a fan who isn't happy with the idea of Scarlett's baby not being Gunnars, but Deacon deals with a female neighbor who wants to be far more than friends. Let's get down to the details of Nashville. ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: It Gets Bitter

Need to catch up? Check out our previousNashvillerecap here. Underneath the rhinestones and cowboy hats and (in Scarletts case) layers upon layers of consignment-shop knitwear, were all just scared kids. Thats the takeaway of this weeks Nashville, in which Scarlett plunges herself headfirst into the plight of the modern bullied teen. Spoiler alert: It hurts. [] //

Nashville Recap 6/29/17: Season 5 Episode 16 “Not Ready to Make Nice”

Gunnar and Scarlett pull into the gas station. Gunnar asks her if she ever just wants to keep driving and leave their life behind. She tried once and he talked to her out of it. On the gas bump, a small TV plays a gossip show whose headlines talk about Scarlett out and about with Gunnar and her baby bump! Hallie is in the studio singing. Juliette comes in. She looks annoyed. When they are done singing, Juliette scolds them for recording the wrong demo. Hallie storms off after telling her they finished the correct demo song an hour ago. Avery chases after Hallie. She is crying. George broke up with her the night before, telling her that there isn’t room for him in her life. Maddie is in Daphne’s room when she discovers that Liv was behind the meme that went viral online. Daphne yells, telling Liv she has 5 seconds to get out or she is going to call the cops. Daphne chases after Liv, who takes off for the door. READ MORE...

Nashville Season 5 Episode 16 Review: Not Ready to Make Nice

The secret is out! On Nashville Season 5 Episode 16 , Scarlett is tricked into talking about her relationship with Damien, Juliette has a problem with Hallie and Maddie and Daphne try to work through their issues. Starting with a storyline that completely came out of NOWHERE, Juliette thinks Hallie is suddenly trying to steal Avery from her. I thought it was comical at first how paranoid and insecure Juliette was being but by the end of the episode, it was obvious there were deeper issues here.   ...Read More...

'Nashville' Recap: The Sleezy Journalist Gets the Worm

Thought Nashville cut the meme storyline from last week short? Well, don't worry, because it turns up again this week. Maddie learns all about it, while Scarlett's baby news makes front page headlines. Nobody can keep a secret around here, especially in Season 5's "Not Ready to Make Nice!"   ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Bundle of Oy

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Two kinda unbelievable things happen in this weeks Nashville, and Im still scratching my head over which is the more egregious. One is that Juliette loses her damn mind in the time it would take an egg to go from over easy to over medium. [] //

Nashville Recap: Ship Wrecked

Deacon would be a really good sitcom dad.  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap 6/22/17: Season 5 Episode 15 “A Change Would Do You Good”

The media is outside the home of Maddie after video of her surfaced online. On TV, one reporter calls Maddie’s meltdown a cry for help after losing her mother. Deacon heads into the office. Zach wants him to meet Alyssa Green, a go to exec who helps failing businesses. Deacon agrees to hear her pitch. Hallie is afraid to go on stage. Juliette gives her a pep talk. She gets on stage and kills it as Deacon, and Juliette watch from the audience. The crowd goes wild. At home, the media is still outside. Maddie calls Clay. He hates all of this attention and he isn’t going outside. She offers to come to him, but he turns her down. Maddie falls on her bed, upset. Zach talks to Deacon about Alyssa. He wants to hire her temporarily to see if she can help. Deacon has Maddie on his mind. A PR rep stops in and tells Deacon they all need to get on the same page. Maddie needs to release a statement apologizing. Deacon is taken back. READ MORE...

'Nashville' Recap: Maddie Gives a Fauxpology

While there are a lot of people standing up for Maddie after last week's Nashville , there are many others who have to admit she went about the racism issue the wrong way. After all, this is a state where you can't possibly be against the cops without some sort of damage to your reputation. It's not shocking to find out that Maddie has to apologize, but is her apology going to do more damage to her image?   ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Girl, No

Need to catch up? Check out previousNashville recaps here. Theres a brief yet fitting refrain that I found myself chanting at several points during this weeksNashville: Girl, no. When new Highway 65 marketing wunderkind Alyssa Greene makes a joke about writing songs about toilet paper in order to pay the bills: Girl, no. When Hallie [] //