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Nashville Season 5 Episode 14 Review: A Fool Such as I

It's hard to believe we just watched Nashville's 100th episode. Nothing exploded, no one died, no one eloped, and nobody cheated on anyone. Not a single punch was thrown. Someone was arrested, though, so I guess that's something. While Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 focused on Juliette, Nashville Season 5 Episode 14 centered on Scarlett and Maddie. Both dealt with serious issues and consequences. ...Read More...

'Nashville' Recap: An Embarrassing Video of Maddie Gets Online

If you thought it was going to get easier in Nashville , you were sadly mistaken. Daphne's storyline takes a slight backseat this week, as Maddie is back in the spotlight. Her single is out, but that's not what makes the news. Here's your recap for Nashville's "A Fool Such as I." ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap 6/8/17: Season 5 Episode 13 “Til I Can Make It on My Own”

Juliette is in the doctor’s office. He wants to refer her to a psychologist. Her anxiety is from trauma in her childhood. Juliette doesn’t care to hear what he has to say. She wants a solution for her stage fright. She needs to go on tomorrow night. Daphne and Maddie are in the kitchen. Deacon wants to plan sometime with them. He asks Daphne if this is okay and if she is okay. She responds yes and no before leaving the room. Maddie smiles. Deacon meets Cassidy quickly on the red carpet outside the building where the awards will be held. She is with Zach, who wants to talk to Deacon alone. He has plans for the company and the release of Maddie’s single. Plans that don’t include Bucky. Daphne goes to see her new friend, Liv. The other kids in the warehouse are rude to her. Meanwhile, Damien keeps calling Scarlett who is avoiding him. Gunnar tells her that she needs to face it. READ MORE...

'Nashville' Recap: What's the Real Reason for Juliette's Anxiety?

It's not an easy time in the Claybourne/Conrad household right now. After last episode's revelation that Daphne is struggling with depression, Deacon has to figure out how to help her. Meanwhile, Scarlett has to face the man who is the father of her child, while Juliette needs to face her anxiety. Here's a look at Nashville's "Til I Can Make It on My Own."  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: There's Our Girl!

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Juliette does a mean, lowdown, plain-old bitchy thing in this weeks Nashville and, I swear on Dolly Partons storied wig collection, it could not come at a better time for the CMT drama. What better to pull us out of our post-Rayna grief haze than [] //

Nashville Recap: Blurred Lines

Weve veering into Very Special Episode territory here, folks.  ...Read More... //

Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 Review: 'Til I Can Make It on My Own

The theme of Nashville Season 5 Episode 13 , was females trying to do things on their own. Juliette is determined to resurrect her career; Maddie wants to release her album her own way; Scarlett wants to raise the baby on her own terms; and Daphne is choosing who she wants in her life whether Deacon likes it or not. The main focus was on Juliette. She is still rushing her recovery. To the extent that now she's ignoring obvious signs that her body isn't reacting right to the trauma she's experienced. Signs like blurry vision, dizziness and difficulty breathing.  ...Read More...

Nashville Recap 6/1/17: Season 5 Episode 12 “Back in the Saddle Again”

Deacon talks to Daphne about her failing grades in school. She isn’t doing well and before her school career suffers anymore she needs to get back on track. She has a report due. Deacon asks her how far along she is on the project when she tells him she hasn’t even started. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Gunnar are on stage, performing on their tour. After the show, Scarlett meets a die-hard fan who gets bullied at school. Her and Gunnar head to their dressing room. Scarlett can’t eat. Her stomach is doing flips. She should hear from her doctor soon. Juliette is sitting with her agent, upset over what the critics are saying about her latest album. Even her fans don’t like it. Juliette pays a visit to Maddie in the studio where she is singing. Juliette tells her that her latest song is still just a draft and not a single yet. They need to make more changes. READ MORE...

'Nashville' Recap: Does Maddie Take Juliette's Advice?

Anyone else happy that Nashville is back? It was one depressing first half of the season, but we're back and there's only one way it can go. That doesn't mean it's going to be easy.   From the beginning of Nashville's "Back in the Saddle," we get to see the first strains on the relationships now that Rayna is gone and Maddie is focused on her new career. And it's not just our youngest superstar struggling. Gunnar and Scarlett just can't seem to catch a break!  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Bad Omens

Weve officially entered the post-Rayna James era.  ...Read More... //