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Nashville Recap: Cry, Cry, Cry

A curiously small crowd for a Rayna James funeral, no? ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Teddy Returns for Rayna's Funeral

Nashville Recap: Teddy Returns for Rayna's Funeral ...Read More... //

Nashville Season 5 Episode 10 Review: I'll Fly Away

Last week was Rayna's good bye; this week is everyone's good bye to her. Her funeral was short and sweet, but it didn't even compare to her tribute at the CMA's. If tears weren't streaming down your cheeks by the end of the hour, you just may be a robot. On Nashville Season 5 Episode 10 , everyone adjusts to life without Rayna. ...Read More...

Nashville Recap 3/2/17: Season 5 Episode 10 “I’ll Fly Away”

Tonight’s Nashville finale kicks off in the cemetery, Rayna’s friends and families have gathered for her funeral in the rain. While Daphne sobs uncontrollably, Deacon reads a passage aloud. He can barely hold it together. Even Rayna’s ex Teddy has returned for the emotional service. After the burial, everyone gathers at Rayna’s house with a dish to pass – there are several familiar faces that we haven’t seen in quite a while. Deacon arrives, and everyone stops what they are doing and stares at him. He makes his way through the silent crowd and rushed upstairs. Downstairs, Scarlett lectures Daphne and Maddie about staying together in the crowd. Meanwhile, Rayna’s sister thinks that Maddie’s boyfriend Clay is hired help. Zach Wells has brought along his laptop, apparently he put together an entire slideshow of Rayna. Bucky gets upset that he’s playing it and rushes away. Zach’s super awkward, funerals clearly aren’t his forte. Luckily, Avery and Juliette’s daughter distracts everyone with her cuteness. READ MORE...

Nashville Recap: The Queen Is Dead

It’s time for some scream therapy, people. Say it with me: “ Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ” Because wow, that sucked. That really, really sucked. Not just that Rayna dies, which is of course the suckiest of the suck. But the whole damn episode feels creepy and ominous, like some sort of bizarro version of  Nashville  where every positive moment is false and nothing feels safe. Even those insanely close-up photos of Rayna that CMT kept showing before the commercial breaks were freaking me out. It’s like the camera is staring into her soul. ....Read More... //

Nashville Recap – Shocking Death: Season 5 Episode 9 “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

Tonight’s episode of Nashville kicks off with Rayna James being rushed into the emergency room on a stretcher, she was just in a high-speed automobile accident. Rayna was being escorted home by a police officer when another car slammed into the cop car. The doctors get to rush working on Rayna, she is bad shape. Deacon is rushing to the hospital. He calls Maddie on her cell phone and tells her to have her boyfriend drive her to the hospital ASAP. Scarlett has already slept with Damien, after breaking up with Gunnar literally a few hours ago. While Scarlett and Damien are lying in bed giggling, the phone begins ringing. Gunnar finally gets a hold of Scarlett, he tells her to pick Daphne up from school and bring her to the hospital. READ MORE...

Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 Review: If Tomorrow Never Comes

"At the end of the day, Lord I pray, I've had a life that's good." SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen tonight's episode, stop reading now. Seriously, right now.   On Nashville Season 5 Episode 9 , Gunnar decided he wanted to fight for Scarlett, Maddie came to a realization about her relationship with her mom and Rayna imparted wisdom on everyone around her. I suspected the outcome of the hour, but I'm still surprised it happened. ...Read More...

'Nashville' Recap: Does Rayna Live or Die?

On this episode of Nashville , "If Tomorrow Never Comes," Rayna is rushed into surgery after her car accident, friends and family gather at the hospital while Maddie, overcome by guilt, can't get far enough away.   Raynalives! She's even conscious as they wheel her into the ER. Disappointingly, her injuries aren't even as severe as they were after her first accident in the season 1 finale that left in her in a coma. She's got a shattered pelvis and hip, and she's even enjoying the perks of a morphine drip. Deacon rushes to his beloved's bedside, and Rayna says what all of us are thinking: "Can you believe this?" No, I can't. Throwing a car wreck into the mix just after Rayna escapes from the clutches of her stalker, and she walks away relatively unscathed? Nope, I don't believe it at all. And with the episode titled "If Tomorrow Never Comes," neither should you. ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Seeing Red

Really,  Nashville ? Again with the car crash? I’m trying to imagine how the conversation in the writers room went on this. (Note: Names totally made-up to protect the guilty.) INT.  NASHVILLE  WRITERS ROOM The writers are sitting around a conference table. They look tired. There are half-drunk coffee cups and crumpled take-out wrappers everywhere. They’ve been here for a while. BOB: I still think ending on Deacon saying, “Come home, baby” will be good. It’s sweet, elegant, and poignant.  ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap 2/16/17: Season 5 Episode 8 “Stand Beside Me”

Tonight’s episode of Nashville kicks off with Deacon and Rayna having breakfast with the girls. Maddie is not a happy camper when she realizes the security guards are back, her parents explain that they had to tighten security because Rayna’s stalker got out of jail. They have a restraining order and he has to stay 300 ft. away, but there are no guarantees. Juliette spends the morning at bible study with her new friend Haley. Afterwards, Juliette informs Haley that she is doing a gospel album, and she wants Haley and the choir to record with. Haley isn’t thrilled – she thinks that it is a bad idea. Haley reluctantly agrees to let Juliette meet with the choir. Scarlett meets up with Damien at a diner, he called her and said he had to see her urgently. Damien says that something happened between them, and he wants to explore it. Scarlett agrees to have lunch with him and get to know him a little more. Later that night, Rayna’s stalker shows up outside of Rayna’s house. They can see him on the security camera, but there is nothing the police can do because he is technically 317 feet away from the house and isn’t breaking the law. Deacon is fuming, he wants to confront Hockney, but the police won’t let him. READ MORE...