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Nashville Season 5 Episode 12 Review: Back in the Saddle Again

It's back, y'all! Nashville is back, and it's still bringing the emotions. The series has been great about focusing on real life emotions and experiences, but you can never fully escape drama; especially when musicians are involved. Nashville Season 5 Episode 12 picks up ten weeks after Rayna's passing.  ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: The Beat Goes On

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Now that Nashvilles Rayna Jaymes is buried under (too soon?), her friends and loved ones have to learn how to move on. But as the midseason premiere demonstrates, thats far more easily said than done or sung. Daphne, in particular, finds herself adrift after her [] //

Nashville Recap: Unfinished Business

Its time to acknowledge the truth about Scarlett: Shes awesome. ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Scarlett Is Pregnant!

Nashville Recap: Scarlett Is Pregnant! ...Read More... //

Nashville Finale Recap: Duet Again

Need to catch up? Check out last weeksNashvillerecap. Nashvilles Rayna Jaymes was such a force of nature, it takes not one, not two but a whole recording booth full of people to replace her. (On her final album, at least.) This weeks episode of the CMT drama its midseason finale allows for some closure [] //

'Nashville' Mid-Season Finale Recap: Clashes and Healing

On this episode of Nashville , "Fire and Rain," Zach wants to release Rayna's final album but faces opposition from Deacon, Juliette takes Maddie on a road trip and Scarlett has big news.   The earth keeps spinning, even without Rayna James, so at Highway 65, it's back to business. Bucky's found a tour for The Exes to join. Scarlett is hesitant about going on the road, but Deacon makes it clear he doesn't want her smothering/mothering him and the girls any longer, so she reluctantly agrees. ...Read More... //

Nashville Season 5 Episode 11 Review: Fire and Rain

I waited all episode for the song and I was disappointed. Despite the title, "Fire and Ice" did not play during this hour. Nonetheless, Nashville Season 5 Episode 11 got a lot of action. Deacon continues to struggle with Rayna's death, Juliette tries to guide Maddie and Scarlett searches for her new role. ...Read More...

Nashville Recap: Grace of the Ex

Need to catch up? Check out the previousNashville recap here. Its all over but the cryin but theres a lot of cryin left to do in this weeks Nashville. Thats to be expected, of course: While weve had a week to process Raynas unexpected death thanks to complications from a car accident, her loved ones [] //

'Nashville' Recap: A Final Goodbye to Rayna James

On this episode of Nashville , "I'll Fly Away," friends and family gather to pay their last respects to Rayna, Will has doubts about getting involved with Zach, Tandy worries about the future of Highway 65 and Deacon makes a big decision regarding Maddie's and Daphne's futures.   Rayna's dead, and her funeral is a modest, sparsely-attended affair -- just the usual suspects. Returning to town for the somber occasion are Rayna's sister, Tandy, and her ex-con, ex-husband Teddy Conrad. Deacon can barely get through the stellar poem "Funeral Blues" by WH Auden (now ruined for me forever because of Deacon's grating twang.) ...Read More... //

Nashville Recap: Cry, Cry, Cry

A curiously small crowd for a Rayna James funeral, no? ...Read More... //