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'Nashville' Season 2, episode 17: Juliette's jealousy almost tanks Rayna's label in 'We've Got Things to Do'

This should come as no surprise to any "Nashville" fan -- Juliette's jealousy and impatience drove the diva make an impulsive and rash decision on Wednesday's (March 12) all-new episode, "We've Got Things To Do." But instead of just making things harder for herself, she almost took down the Queen Bee of country music with her!After signing with Rayna's label, Highway 65, at the end of last week's episode, Juliette was anxious to announce the big news and release her single, "Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet," as a digital download. However, Rayna has a different plan. She tells Juliette to keep quiet on her joining Highway 65 for now, because association with Juliette can harm Rayna's career the way things are right now. But with a calculated album roll out for Rayna, the association can be helpful for Juliette in the future. It's logical but obviously pisses off Juliette, who's ready... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/nashville-season-2-episode-17-juliettes-jealousy-almost-tanks-raynas-label-in-weve-got-things-to-do.html

'Nashville' fashion: Rayna, Juliette and Scarlett each have their own style

"Nashville" is that true rarity -- a musical drama in which actors sing and look fabulous doing so. ABC's Wednesday series deals with adult situations and breaks away for full songs, featuring three very different women, all country singers, flaunting very different styles."I did a ton of research looking at templates for country music stars who would be models for Rayna Jaymes or Juliette Barnes," costume designer Susie DeSanto says of the characters played by Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere.This season, Scarlett (Clare Bowen) has a much larger role and a distinctive style."Nashville is small but sophisticated," DeSanto tellsZap2it. "It is definitely a Southern place. It is because of the music scene here and the songwriters and the Opry."Rayna has a more diverse wardrobe than the others because she has so many facets to her life: superstar, mom, politician's daughter, and former wife of the mayor.Rayna's wardrobe reflects whether she's a little flashier when with... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/nashville-fashion-rayna-juliette-and-scarlett-each-have-their-own-style.html

'Nashville' promotes Will Chase, Oliver Hudson to series regulars for potential Season 3

Here's some good news and bad news for Rayna Jaymes -- her lover and her nemesis will be around for more action and drama should "Nashville" get a Season 3 renewal.Deadline reports that Will Chase and Oliver Hudson will both be promoted to series regulars if ABC renews the country music drama.Both Chase and Hudson were introduced this season on "Nashville" as recurring stars. Chase plays Luke Wheeler, a country music superstar as famous as Connie Britton's on-screen persona. Their professional relationship turned into a romantic one after working on a hit song together, and Chase's promotion means that romance has some real staying power. Meanwhile, Hudson's promotion is not such a good sign for Rayna. Hudson plays Edgehill Records executive Jeff Fordham, who has made it his mission to kill Rayna's singing career ever since she bought herself out of the record company to start her own label. Since he also just lost... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/nashville-promotes-will-chase-oliver-hudson-to-series-regulars-for-potential-season-3.html

Nashville Season 2 Episode 17 “We’ve Got Things to Do”

Nashville  Season 2 Episode 17 “We’ve Got Things to Do” airs Wednesday, March 12 at 10 pm on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  Nashville Season 2 Episode 17 “We’ve Got Things to Do” – Juliette has a design on how she would like to announce her new deal with Highway 65, however, Rayna has a calculated roll out plan in mind. Juliette’s emotions get the best of her at a label party when she starts to feel that she is being upstaged by Rayna’s up-and-coming talent. Will offers Deacon and opportunity of a lifetime though he finds the excitement short-lived after noticing Megan’s strange behavior. Teddy is at odds with Maddie when he finds out she is fixated with her music, and Will is concerned about his past catching up with him so he makes Layla an offer she can’t refuse, on “Nashville,” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 12 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/03/12/nashville-season-2-episode-17-weve-got-things-to-do/