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  • 15 episodes
    15 episodes
    • s2009e1020How To Join a Theater Group
    • s2009e1014How To Ace a Dancing Audition
    • s2009e1006How To Avoid Buying a Lemon
    • s2009e1005How To Green Your Business
    • s2009e925How To Play a Fake Desktop Prank on a Coworker
    • s2009e922How To Play a Keyboard Prank on a Coworker
    • s2009e915How To Disguise a Lemon
    • s2009e311How To Parallel Park
    • s2009e306How To Throw A March Madness Party
    • s2009e211How To Overcome Stage Fright
    • s2009e209How To Impress A Casting Director
    • s2009e203How To Make Your Coworkers Think You Have A Date On Valentine’s Day
    • s2009e129How To Get A Drink At A Crowded Bar
    • s2009e127How To Make A Great Audition Tape For A Reality Show
    • s2009e105How To Unclog A Drain Without Toxic Chemicals