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National Geographic's 'Expedition Week' Returns Tonight

National Geographic Channel is bringing back its signature event "Expedition Week" for 13 brand new premieres over seven straight nights. The legacy of exploration continues in National Geographi... //www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2011/04/03/national_geographics_expedition_week_r

Billy Hayes â??The Real Midnight Expressâ? Exclusive Interview

Some people have lived, and some people have lived…Billy Hayes has lived. In 1977 he told the world about his escape from a Turkish prison in his co-authored autobiographical book, “The Midnight Express”, and in 1978 Hollywood told the world his story in the Oscar Award-Winning film by the same name. However, due to legal reasons, Billy was never able to tell his full story…until now. I had the chance to sit down with him for an interview and I have to say he’s one interesting guy. Moreover, his story is much different than what’s been released previously. The movie portrayed the Turks in a negative light which Hayes didn’t approve of. He loves both Turkey the country and the people very much…it’s prison he didn’t care for. Now, over 30 years after his return home, he’s able to set the record straight on a few things. Check out my below interview and/or transcript to see what I mean. To Read More Click Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 - Featured

* Scrubs (9/8c ABC) J.D. has gone through many changes throughout the last nine seasons as he moved from timid intern to experienced doctor to mentor for the next generation of docs. But some things never change. He finds he still hungers for approval, and this time he wants it from Turk. Lucy, meanwhile, faces her own demons when she tries to summon the courage to perform a medical procedure on a real, live person. * Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (10/9c HBO ) Bryant Gumbel and the program's correspondents gather for a roundtable discussion of the year's top sports stories and their favorite segments of 2009. There should be plenty of winners to choose from, considering the fact that the series has won the Sports Emmy for Outstanding Sports Journalism for 12 of the last 14 years. Segments considered could include a look at the world of professional bull riding; athletes carrying guns; concussions in high-school football, and a profile of skier Bode Miller. * National Geographic's Most Incredible Photos: Afghan Warrior (8/7c National Geographic ) If there is one thing National Geographic is celebrated for, it's the amazing photography, which allows outsiders a rare glimpse inside foreign cultures both near and far. This documentary lets us in on how some of those moments are captured, as it follows acclaimed photojournalist and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Reza Deghati on assignment in Afghanistan, where he hopes to capture an image that could become a new national icon. * Dirty Jobs (9/8c Discovery Channel) Ah, Florida, the Sunshine State - world famous for its oranges, beaches, theme parks and worm-grunting. Wait, what? Mike visits the popular vacation destination, where he learns how to coax earthworms to the surface of Apalachicola National Forest and goes clamming at the Alligator Harbor Aquatic Preserve. * Family Style (9/8c Food Network ) The Food Network is airing a sneak peek at this new unscripted series, which follows Joey and Melissa Maggiore, siblings from San Diego, as they each try to open their own eateries in sunny SoCal. Will the friendly rivalry between these two foodies be sweet or salty? Only time will tell. Source Here

New Season of DOGTOWN To Premiere in January 2010

[Press Release - Released by National Geographic Channel] NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL RINGS IN THE NEW YEAR WITH A NEW SEASON OF DOGTOWN New Episodes Follow the Adoption of One of the Michael Vick Pit Bulls; the Rehabilitation of a Shepherd Mix Rescued From the Lebanon-Israel War; Dogs Abandoned Because of the Economy; and a Morbidly Obese Chihuahua in Need of a "Biggest Loser" Makeover 10 New Episodes Begin Friday, January 1, at 10 PM ET/PT (WASHINGTON, D.C. - DECEMBER 2, 2009) Ring in the New Year with a new season of DogTown starting Friday, January 1, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on theNational Geographic Channel. The hit series returns with 10 new episodes that follow the rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected and misfit dogs at DogTown, the last-hope refuge that's part of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest no-kill animal facility in the country. With the recent economic downturn, many families are forced to give up their pets, even as shelters overflow. This season we meet Lucille, a sweet-natured shar-pei mix who was abandoned and left behind due to a home foreclosure crisis. Her health deteriorated, and now it's up to the DogTown staff to give her a canine bailout. In January 2008 DogTown was entrusted with 22 of Michael Vick's pit bulls. Now, as Vick attempts to start over, we document the story of former Vick dog, Handsome Dan, as he is transformed from an emotionally crippled pit bull into one with a chance of finding a loving home. The tolls of war affect not only people - and the team finds that out firsthand as they rehabilitate a shepherd mix who survived the Lebanon-Israel war. Also, as hard as it is for humans to lose weight, the challenge may be greater when it comes to a morbidly obese Chihuahua, so overweight she looks like she swallowed a pineapple! To Read More Click Here .

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009 - Featured

* Nip/Tuck (10/9c FX ) At the end of last season, just-married Christian learned that he wasn't dying after all. "Have a long and happy life together" with Liz, the doctor told him. Will the marriage last through the opening credits as Season 6 begins? Here's a hint: She already has a lawyer (Barry Bostwick). Another downer: Business is bad, but old frenemy Mike Hamoui (Mario Lopez) is now in L.A. and doing nicely. Things are going nicely for Sean and Teddy (now played by Rose McGowan), too, but not so much for Matt. * Modern Family (9/8c ABC) At this point in the Pritchett family saga, we're not sure how Jay wound up being married to Gloria. But after tonight, we should have a pretty good idea what Jay's ex-wife, Dede (Shelley Long), thought about it when she pops in for a surprise visit. And though she comes bearing an olive branch, the clan might not be ready to forgive and forget, especially after we relive the time that Claire and Mitchell's mom became the mother of all nuptial nightmares when Jay and Gloria tied the knot. * The New Adventures of Old Christine (8/7c CBS) If anyone knows how to play an opportunistic divorce lawyer, its Corbin Bernsen. After all, he played sleazy attorney Arnie Becker on L.A. Law for eight years. In this episode, Barb serves Christine with divorce papers since their sham marriage isn't helping Barb's immigration problems. But Christine then sues Barb for alimony. Why? Because her shady lawyer (Bernsen) tells her to. * Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak (7/6c HBO ) If you loved Maurice Sendak's book Where the Wild Things Are, can't wait for Spike Jonze's film adaptation of the children's classic, or both, you'll certainly want to catch this 2009 documentary that features enlightening conversations between these two artists. The octogenarian Sendak is known for his privacy, so there aren't many chances to hear his reflections on his childhood, family, inspiration and frequently morbid imagination. * Alaska State Troopers (10/9c National Geographic ) There are some things state troopers in Alaska must always take into consideration. One is a rugged and unforgiving terrain that's not always easy to navigate. Another is a well-armed population of people who own guns and knives - and they know how to use them. This new docu-reality series follows elite law-enforcement professionals of the 49th state as they deal with these issues and others while protecting the people and wildlife of the Last Frontier. It's kind of like "Cops," but with a lot more snow. Source Here