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  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s2e26I Will Not Say That I am Lonely! Because, I Have Faith That We Will Surely Meet Again!
      March 28, 2007
    • s2e25And With That, the Case is Closed!
      March 21, 2007
    • s2e24Professor Negi, It Appears This Is the Climax. Let’s All Go Home Together, Negi!
      March 14, 2007
    • s2e23Wait, You Can't Do That, Negi! That's Right, Because We're Your Partners!
      February 28, 2007
    • s2e22Aiya! Something Strange is Beginning to Happen! This Must Surely Be the End of the World!
      February 28, 2007
    • s2e21: A Man Silently Eats His Ramen Takamichi. What the Hell Does That Even Mean?
      February 21, 2007
    • s2e20They Say, Bigger the Blander, But That’s Not Necessarily True in Actuality.
      February 14, 2007
    • s2e19It's Great to Go Back to Being a Kid Again and Having Fun. Although, I Can Have Fun Without Going Back to Being a Kid, Too.
      May 11, 2005
    • s2e18There's a Bastard Who Gets All Happy With Secrets, Then Reveals Them, and It Really Pisses Me Off. Chiu-Chiu Is Going to Get Angry Too! Really Mad!
      May 4, 2005
    • s2e17Natsumi, Family Will Always Be the Home Run King of Bonds. Don't You Agree? I Don't Understand What You Mean at All, Chizuru.
      April 27, 2005
    • s2e16Yesterday's Foe Is Today's Friend. Good Enough Friends to Have Fights. No Doesn't Always Mean No.
      April 20, 2005
    • s2e15The Class Is Growing Disquiet at the Unexpected Turn of Events. So They're Getting Louder? 15 Points.
      April 13, 2005
    • s2e14Frankly Speaking, in the Face of Magic, Scientific Theory Might As Well Be Nonexistent.
      April 6, 2005
    • s2e13Rather Than a Question of You Being the Enemy, the Issue is Really Whether or Not You Are a Nuisance to the Master.
      March 30, 2005
    • s2e12After Much Quibbling, in the End All It Comes Down To is How You Feel.
      December 20, 2006
    • s2e11Huh, So the Baron is a Kind of a Rose. I Thought It Was a Kind of Potato.
      March 16, 2005
    • s2e10Professor Negi Went Behind My Back?! I Shall Never Condone Such a Thing!
      March 9, 2005
    • s2e9You Hide the 'Heart' With a 'Sword' and Read It As Ninja. It Is a Little Different Than How You Write 'Serious' and Read It As 'for Real'.
      March 2, 2005
    • s2e8 Professor, Please Make Us Adults.
      February 23, 2005
    • s2e7Um, I Think There Are Some Good Things About Not Being Seen, But I Do Think There Are Times When It's Better to Be Seen.
      February 16, 2005
    • s2e6"Pardon Me. Might I Not Be Excused With Either the Forehead or the Cheek?"
      February 9, 2005
    • s2e5"Security Deposits and Key Fees Are Expensive in Tokyo. Wait, That's Not What the Probationary Contract's About!"
      February 2, 2005
    • s2e4"Teacher... It's My First Time..."
      January 26, 2005
    • s2e3"Oh-ho, So That's How a Probationary Contract Card Is Used."
      January 19, 2005
    • s2e2"No Way! That's What You Do for a Probationary Contract?!"
      January 12, 2005
    • s2e1"What? 31 Students Right Off the Bat!"
      January 5, 2005