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Neo Angelique Abyss - Season 1 - Review: "Complete Collection"

Spun off from a game called Angelique, Neo Angelique Abyss is a two season show with this set containing the first thirteen episode season. The show is a fairly standard reverse harem piece with one young woman surrounded by a bevy of beautiful men while the fate of the world is at stake. With Yumeta being behind the production of the anime, there are some good production values to it with solid animation and designs but it's held back by working through very standard and familiar plot devices. Neo Angelique Abyss takes place in the world of Arcadia where it's a mixture of old times, fantasy period kind of material as well as a smattering of technology. You have little villages that feel like backwater pieces, you have more upscale towns and cities and you have people that have gadgets like old school cameras. There feels like there's a little bit of internal consistency here, but it seems like it goes to the wayside when they introduce autonomous tanks that don't fit in with other things. This world has a lot of problems going on as there are creatures called Thanatos that are invading through rips in the space-time fabric that are opened by something called Erbos. These creatures come in all sorts of shapes and sizes while maintaining a creepy ghostlike supernatural feel to them. When they invade, they tend to drain the bodies of humans to husks which eventually kills them off. Read More Click Me!