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Simon Amstell - new project

As earlier stated, the 29-year-old Simon Amstell is to leave 'Never mind the Buzzcocks'. A source told The Sun that Amstell now wants to concentrate on other projects: "Simon is a funny guy who can think on his feet but he has decided it is time to move on," the insider said. "He is working on a new project that has been commissioned by the BBC and feels he wants to concentrate on that." A spokeswoman for the corporation confirmed that Amstell would leave the show at the end of his third series. Amstell took on the post on NMTB from Mark Lamarr in 2006 and has since won a number of awards for his work at the helm.

Simon quits

Simon Amstell has quit Never Mind The Buzzcocks! Can you believe that? Amstell has stated that he wants to concentrate on his stand-up after three years hosting the show. Apparently, BBC bosses are more than shocked. Amstell sent out a message to members of his mailing list on Friday night saying: "Here is some news, should you be interested in this sort of thing. I will not be hosting another series of the fun pop quiz, Never Mind the Buzzcocks. When I first took on the role, my only hope was to bring joy and laughter to the world and if I was lucky, put an end to war, disease and poverty. Now that I have achieved that, I plan to concentrate on my live work. Thank you. Please now continue to enjoy your life as best you can." It's looking rather likely that when the show returns for a new series, Simon will be replaced by a series of guests hosts. So who would be a good permanent replacement?