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'Neverland' TV review: The long story of how Peter became Pan

Syfy's prequel to J.M. Barrie's 'Peter Pan' borrows heavily from Charles Dickens. There are some nice moments, but it should be much shorter. It's become something of a holiday tradition — every couple of years, Syfy turns out a star-studded prequel to a beloved children's story — "Tin Man" in 2007, "Alice " in 2009. This time, it's J.M. Barrie's "Peter Pan" that goes through the mirror darkly in "Neverland," a cleverly conceived, at times visually lovely, but criminally long imagining of how Peter became Pan. //,0,6002949.story

Syfy’s ‘Neverland’ Advance Review – How Peter Became Peter Pan

If you love Peter Pan, then you mustn’t miss Syfy’s wonderful miniseries  Neverland  premiering tonight, December 4th at 9pm. If you have been a fan of Syfy for a while you might also remember a couple of their previous miniseries,  Tin Man  and  Alice , and if you loved these, then you’re going to love Neverland . I honestly wish Syfy would have more of these miniseries, they really are magical and find a great way to retell stories we have come to love, I cannot wait to find out what the next one will be. But back to  Neverland . If you know about Peter Pan, then you know the title refers to the world in which his story takes place, but Neverland  is not the story of Peter Pan you know, oh no, it’s a prequel. Haven’t you ever wondered how Peter Pan became Peter Pan? Well, that’s exactly what  Neverland  will answer. But that’s not all, you will also find out how Hook became Hook and what happened to make him and Peter enemies. It’s pretty brilliant! Read More... //