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New Girl Series Finale Recap: It's a Weird, Wonderful Life Grade It!

TuesdaysNew Girl series finale gave us three major milestones in the lives of Jess and the gang while also hinting at more to come. In the first half-hour, The Curse of the Pirate Bride, Nick and Jess sleep together the night before their wedding. Joan finds them in bed, and insists their decision has put []

New Girl Recap: Nick and Jess [Spoiler]

Its the moment New Girl fans have been waiting for since the Season 7 premiere: Nick and Jess got a dog! Oh, and they also got engaged. So how did the proposal go down? Read on to find out. After a series of unanticipated mishaps, Nick and Jess found themselves chasing after their new dog []

New Girl Final Season Premiere Recap: Did Nick and Jess Get Engaged?

New Girls final season premieretrolls the audience not once, but twice. The episode begins with a previously on sequence featuring Nick and Jess epic elevator kiss. We then cut to present day, and a different set of elevator doors open to reveal Jess arm-in-arm with (gulp!) another man, who is ultimately revealed to be Merles []

New Girl Season 6 Episode 22 Review: “Five Stars For Beezus”

"Five Stars For Beezus" is technically a season finale, but it sure does feel like a series finale for New Girl throughout its 20 minute-plus running time, as each of the show’s five main characters gets one last big moment. There are confrontations (Winston calls his dad, Van, although he’s forced to leave a message), surprises (Cece is pregnant), and reunions (Jess and Nick finally confess their feelings for each other and end up making out in the elevator). It’s grand and romantic and emotional, particularly because, even though our five principal characters aren’t all in the same place at any point during the finale, you can still feel that bond between them through the interactions they do have, whether it’s Jess confirming for Schmidt that Cece is pregnant or Winston showing Jess how to be brave so that she’ll actually tell Nick how she truly feels. READ MORE...

If That Was the End of New Girl, It Was the Perfect Way to Go

We don't want New Girl to be canceled, but if that season finale ends up being the series finale, we'd actually be incredibly satisfied. Fox hasn't made any decisions about a... ...Read More... //

Schmidt's First Name Is No Longer a New Girl Secret

Surprise! ...Read More... //

New Girl Season 6 Episode 20 Review: “Misery”

While this week’s New Girl isn’t exactly the follow-up to "Socalyalcon VI" that I was hoping for or expecting, it’s still another solid episode of the sitcom that pushes this year’s main stories forward as we head into Season 6’s final two episodes. Following last week’s realization from Jess, I did want to spend more time with her in Portland, and I wish what we did see of her was less of a comedic Misery homage (the episode’s title comes from the Stephen King novel and film) with her dad and more about her dealing with her emotional struggles involving Nick. However, New Girl does provides us with that wonderful final scene between Jess and her dad, in which she finally opens up to him about the real reasons why she doesn’t want to return home yet, and Bob tells Jess that it’s now time for him to take care of her. It’s a sweet and funny scene that holds a lot of promise given the fact that Rob Reiner will be returning as a guest star in next week’s penultimate episode, "San Diego," and also due to the fact that we already know that Bob has very complicated feelings about Nick. READ MORE...

New Girl Season 6 Episode 19 Review: “Socalyalcon VI”

All throughout New Girl Season 6 I’ve had one major complaint regarding the show: its treatment of Jess. During this season, especially the first half of it, Jess devolved into an almost unrecognizable character. There was nothing about the Season 6 version of Jessica Day that reminded me of why I fell in love with the character in the first place, and it was disappointing to see a show like New Girl, which has given its characters fantastic journeys and story arcs in its previous five seasons, reduce its lead to a punchline. Fortunately, recent Season 6 episodes have tried to repair the damage done to Jess’s character, and while they haven’t completely rectified the situation, they have helped New Girl rediscover its creative groove. That trend continues in "Socalyacon VI," as Jess recognizes that she has essentially become a girlfriend to both Nick and Reagan. With the help of Cece and Schmidt, who spend most of this week’s episode trying to make their new house the safest it can be, Jess realizes that she is the main reason why Nick and Reagan are still together, as she fills the emotional needs that they can’t fill for each other and helps them communicate when they would otherwise ignore their issues. It’s a realization that has been a long time coming for Jess, and fortunately, she doesn’t just bury her feelings and sacrifice what she wants and needs; instead, Jess takes action by leaving Nick and Reagan to sink or swim on their own and then hopping on a plane to Portland to visit her dad. READ MORE...

New Girl Season 6 Episode 16 Review: “Operation: Bobcat”

When it comes to holiday episodes, New Girl has a pretty terrific track record with very few clunkers and a couple of all-time classics that easily go down as some of the best half hours in the show’s history, and while "Operation: Bobcat" may not go into the New Girl Hall of Fame, it’s definitely more of the latter than the former. This installment finds a way to give pretty much every member of the loft (aside from maybe Nick) an emotionally satisfying story, from Winston’s proposal to Aly to Schmidt and Cece celebrating their "bone-iversary." However, perhaps the best storyline of the episode involves Jess, who after being beaten down and frequently unrecognizable for most of Season 6 rediscovers her strength and finally allows herself to let out her real feelings. READ MORE...

New Girl Season 6 Episode 15 Review: “Glue”

It’s really quite funny how refreshing this week’s episode of New Girl is. There’s nothing super original or unique about "Glue"; New Girl has done plenty of stories before involving characters getting accidentally high or drunk before huge events in their lives, and Winston is so incredibly goofy now that his overly complicated proposal plan isn’t a surprise at all. However, all these familiar beats and rhythms are what make "Glue" such a welcome return to form for the series; instead of focusing on characters or relationships that have long since reached their expiration date (aka Jess and Robby), this half hour turns its attention to the main loft gang members, splitting Jess, Nick, and Reagan and Schmidt, Cece, and Winston into two separate storylines and doing what this series does best: telling goofy, heartfelt stories that make us laugh but also care. Perhaps the most important thing that "Glue" does is bring Jess back into the fold. Her storyline with Nick and Reagan certainly doesn’t fix all the problems that Jess has had as a character this season (many of them stemming from her up-and-down relationship with Robby), but it does allow her to finally feel like Jess again and provides fans of the Jess/Nick friendship (and romance) with some terrific moments, as Jess helps Reagan deal with Nick’s insecurities after he receives a rejection letter from a major publisher. Throughout this story, the New Girl writers do a fantastic job of reminding us why and how Jess and Nick work so well together as a pair, as she knows him better than almost anyone else in the loft, and it also gives Nick his first major challenge in his new career, which had to happen sooner or later since his path to being a writer seemed way too easy up until this point. READ MORE...