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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Meets New Girl: Grade Fox's Comedy Crossover!

Whos that girl? Its Jess. And whos that guy standing next to her? Your eyes do not deceive you:It is indeed Det. Jake Peralta of Brooklyns 99th precinct. As a result of Foxs crossover between Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl, the protagonists of itsveteran comedies met face-to-face Tuesday night and if you thought Jake [] //

Review: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' & 'New Girl' stage a half-hearted crossover

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "The Night Shift" and "Homecoming," the crossover episodes of Fox's "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "New Girl."   Read More... //

New Girl Season 6 Episode 3 Review: “Single and Sufficient”

Over the past couple of seasons, the New Girl writers have made some odd choices when it comes to Jess and her romantic life. After Ryan’s departure near the end of Season 4, the comedy’s creative team hasn’t appeared to know exactly what comes next for its main character with regard to love. Sure, we’ve seen Jess go in some very interesting directions in her career, and in many ways, those adventures have been more entertaining and more satisfying than several of her episodic love interests. But why can’t the New Girl writers find Jess her own type of Reagan or Fawn Moscato, a love interest that serves as a fun distraction, even if he or she isn’t the one that Jess will ultimately end up with? Unfortunately, this streak continues in "Single and Sufficient" with the return of Cece’s ex, Robby. Nelson Franklin has always brought his A-game whenever Robby has reappeared, since he was first introduced back in Season 2, and he’s terrific again throughout this week’s New Girl. Robby remains one of the show’s most consistently funny recurring characters, and his presence isn’t the problem in "Single and Sufficient." The issue comes from the fact that the writers believe it’s a good idea to try and pair him and Jess up without absolutely no build-up. READ MORE...

New Girl Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Is it starting to feel like Old Girl?

While the roommatesgo glamping, Nick discovers he is a talented writer. On New Girl Season 6 Episode 3 , the gang's all together, and able to bring back the laughs.   Aly is also back and Winston could not be happier. Watching them together makes me so happy for Winston. Winston has been through some crazy relationships. Remember how he met Ferguson? I hope we see this relationship develop into something deeper. ...Read More... //

The New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine Crossover Looks Perfect and Ridiculous in New Promo

We're just a week away from the biggest crossover event of the season, and to say we're stoked is an understatement. New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are about to collide, and as... ...Read More... //

New Girl Recap: The Pepperwood Chronicles

You're on thin ice, New Girl . ...Read More... //

New Girl Recap: Booze Girl Wants Your Vote

Jess is fired up about Hillary Clinton.   Read More... //

New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 Review: Hubbedy Bubby

On New Girl Season 6 Episode 2 Jess and Cece get the word out about voting for Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, Winston and Nick work on video sex for there long distance relationships.   It's so good seeing Jess and Cece's friendship during this episode. Some of the best moments are when they get to have some bonding time.   Read More...   //

New Girl Season 6 Episode 1 Review: House Hunt

Three might be company but five (plus a marriage) is finally enough to make our friends move out of the loft. In New Girl Season 6 Episode 1 we finally get to see that change. The roommates are growing up and moving on. But the friendships, of course, are never going away. I'm so happy to see Cece and Schmidt leaving the apartment. Not just moving down the hall but actually buying a home. I think that really brings some sense to a show that sometimes doesn't make any. ...Read More...   //

New Girl Recap: The Comeback Kid

New Girl kicked off its sixth season Tuesday night, and one thing quickly became clear:As much asSchmidt, Nick and the rest of the loftmates would like us to think theyve matured, the truth is theyre still just as hapless as the day we met them. Especially, especially Jess. When last we saw Ms. Day, she [] //