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This week's New Girl kicked off with an unlikely request from Jess, who decided it was time the apartment had a bathtub installed -- a simple notion, albeit one that would soon lead to painful repercussions for Jess... and Winston! Not only was it hilarious that the two of them formulated plans to install a secret bathtub, but the disastrous results that followed set up perhaps one of the best dynamic duo stories of the season. Their mishap with the suits was a perfect way to tie them both into Schmidt's arc, while also jumpstarting their own string of comical hijinks. Even though the staged meth robbery had its share of great moments, I think it was Winston's "willies" that topped this story; the immediacy at which he would tear off his clothes at any given moment was priceless. Also, the reprise of Remmy the landlord was nice touch. All in all, Jess and Winston's whole thing just felt so deliciously Three's Company. Read More... //www.ign.com/articles/2012/12/05/new-girl-bathtub-review

New Girl "Bathtub" Review: A Rough Week for the Shippers in the Audience

While offset by a heavy dose of slapstick, New Girl 's two will-they-won't-they relationships both leaned toward "won't they" this week. //www.tv.com/news/new-girl-bathtub-review-a-rough-week-for-the-shippers-in-the-audience-30210/

New Girl Review: Peace Pigeon

While tonight's episode, " Bathtub ," didn't exactly have the same punch as last week's "Eggs," I was still entertained. I think the writers are finally figuring out what to with Winston that works. Tonight's version of Winston loves baths and has panic attacks. Last week he narrated Nick's zombie novel with gusto. I can deal with a Winston like this, and I especially like him when he's paired up with Jess for a zany scheme, like tonight's Faux-Methhead robbery.  It also makes sense to me that Jess, who is forever arrested in her development, would not know or realize that she could take Schmidt's suits to the dry cleaners, even though initially, this idea boggled my mind. But this show is basically playing house for twenty-somethings, so I can hardly hold it responsible for not knowing something that most everyone I know is aware of. Right? Oh how I love Schmidt's douche jar. Whoever writes all of Schmidt's lines deserves something fantastic. I feel like that person is respected in the same way I used to respect the person who wrote all of Sue's lines on Glee . My personal favorite Schmidt line was something about citrus flavored condoms to represent a fresh summer. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/12/new-girl-review-peace-pigeon/

'New Girl' -- 'Bathtub' recap: Stories of insanity, love and strippers

Everyone wants something in the "New Girl" episode, "Bathtub." Some of the characters want the chance to bathe surrounded by bubbles. Some want to make a lasting connection. And some want to get their vitamins on the rocks.These are their stories.The Jess and Winston storyIt turns out that Jess (Zooey Deschanel) and Winston (Lamorne Morris) both like bathtubs. This is because Jess is a girl and because Winston used to bathe with goats in Europe. Also, they both like rose wine. Or something like that. As one who prefers showers, I don't really know what appeals to the bath people.Anyway, they decide to get a bath in secret and then smuggle it into the apartment. This would be a great decent idea, if only the heavy tub hadn't fallen through the roof, spilling plaster-filled water all over Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) suit collection.Whoops.Obviously, the only solution to this problem is to pretend that meth-heads broke... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/12/new-girl----bathtub-recap-stories-of-insanity-love-and-strippers.html