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Newlyweds Producer Reveals Secrets About Jessica and Nicks Relationship

We’re now living in a world where reality TV seems to be on-air 24/7, but there was a time when these programs were few and far between. Cue MTV’s 2003 hit  Newlyweds,  which starred married couple Nick Lachey and  Jessica Simpson  — AKA reality TV gold. The series was clearly filled with hilarious moments — Chicken of the Sea, anyone? — but when the pair decided to divorce in 2005, some questioned the authenticity of the show. ... Read More... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/_R_4VMMInU8/

Jessica Simpson's TV Comeback: Star Is Reportedly Taking Acting Lessons, Creating Sitcom Based On Her Life

Jessica Simpson reportedly wants to relaunch her acting career and has been taking lessons for over a year. She is also using her own money to create a sitcom based on her life. An insider told ... //www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2015/12/16/jessica-simpsons-tv-comeback-star-is-r?ref_src=news_rss

Jessica Simpson Calls Ex-Husband Nick Lachey Her Biggest Money Mistake

Remember a little while back when Nick Lachey took a swipe at ex-wife Jessica Simpson and her family on Watch What Happens Live? Well, it looks like Jessica just swung back with her own dig, calling the singer her biggest mistake!   Read More... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/fJEkGT03DdY/

Alex's Reality Rant: The 10 Dumbest Things Ever Said On Reality TV

I may be an unashamed fan of nearly all reality TV, but at least I know it's dumb, and I still know how to keep it real. Aside from the more "quality" competition show programming like American Idol , So You Think You Can Dance and the like, most reality shows thrive by providing entertainment in three simple forms: drama, scandal, and appalling displays of stupidity . But despite the general dumbness quotient that is required of your average reality show "cast," some TV stars are much stupider than their on-air buddies. Either that, or their brain-to-mouth filters are just far less functional. Or the show's editors just have it out for them. Whatever the root cause, there's no reason to let such hilarity go uncelebrated, so without further ado, here are the 10 dumbest reality TV quotes of all time, in no particular order: 1. "We're brother and sister. At the end of the day, I can't change, I can't make you un-my sister. Trust me, if I could in the past, I would've." -Spencer Pratt, The Hills I totally feel you, bro. If I had a dollar for ever time I wish I could go back in time and make people un-my family members... I'd still be broke. 2. "Everybody loves me: babies, dogs... ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal." -Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Jersey Shore ...I think that quote speaks for itself. 3. "I know I'm super attractive. You don't feel a connection with me? Who do you think you are, GOD?!" -Natalie Getz, The Bachelor You're right, Jason Mesnick must be asexual. I mean, after he asked you what you like to do besides shop (in a desperate attempt to find sense in that spray-tanned head of yours), that compelling story you tried to tell about how you "like bears" should have made any normal hot-blooded man bow at your feet! 4. "Some people... they're not very cleansy. Cleansiness. Uh..." -Teresa Giudice, The Real Housewives of New Jersey Seriously, girl. With all those prostitution whores out there, you never know who might be uncleansy. Friggin' uncleansiness. Nasty. 5. "Is this chicken what I have, or is this fish? I know it's tuna, but it says 'Chicken of the Sea.'" -Jessica Simpson, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica It's okay, Jessica. I know. Canned food can be super misleading. Kind of like how "Cougar Town" isn't even about cougars anymore, and your show was still called "Newlyweds" even after 3 years. 6. "What is Hawaii? A state? A continent? Heh. Continent." -Jessica Serfaty, America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 Oh shoot, you didn't know that? I mean, duh, it's right under that other continent, Alaska. Obvi! 7. "What's Walmart? Do they, like, make walls there?" -Paris Hilton, The Simple Life Yup, just like how Kmart makes Ks. What's even dumber than this quote itself is the fact that she pretended to not know what Walmart is. 8. "I definitely want to look good for Ronnie's parents, because it's the first time they're meeting me. Like, I want them to think like wow, that's her, she's really pretty, and whatever." -Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola, Jersey Shore Whatever indeed. Yes, Jersey Shore gets two quotes on this list. Because they're that dumb. Are you surprised? 9. "I got this ring when I was 12 years old from my parents, to stay a virgin until I was married, and I stayed a virgin the longest out of all my friends, I tried my hardest, and then it just happened, BOOM, it was gone." -Trisha Cummings, Real World: Sydney Oh crap, you lost your virginity in a bomb explosion too? 10. "I just want to live a normal life." -Whitney Port, The City First of all, FALSE. Secondly, it's a little too late for that, isn't it, Honeybunches? So many dumb reality shows, so little room for bulls*** in my brain. I know I'm forgetting some good ones, so share your favorite dumb reality TV quotes below!

TV Reality Romances That Ended In Divorce - Featured

When you open the doors to your world and let television cameras capture your daily routine, it's hard to maintain a normal life. Especially if you are a celebrity couple broadcasting your relationship for the public to scrutinize. It seems that more often than not, couples that appear on reality shows together end up splitting up by the time their series is released on DVD. Is it inevitable that the couple will split up? Are they taking a risk when they sign on the dotted line? Not all couples fall victim to the reality show curse, Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed and Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne survived, and we have our hopes in Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett. Yet, as only few have prevailed, there are more that have fizzled and burned. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica : Nick and Jessica with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson was an MTV reality show that followed the lives of pop star newlyweds, Nick and Jessica. The couple married in 2002 and began filming their series in 2003. After four seasons, Newlyweds ended, a year before the couple announced their divorce. The show boosted Jessica's popularity greatly and helped sell her album, In This Skin. Although she lived up to her dumb blonde image and seemed to annoy Nick at times, Jessica tried to be a good housewife (besides the Chicken of the Sea incident) and even saved herself for him. The two seemed to have a solid relationship and there wasn't a dry eye when they announced their divorce in 2006. Jon & Kate Plus 8 : with Jon and Kate Gosselin is a reality show on TLC about parents Jon and Kate and their eight children. As a fan of the show, it was obvious from the beginning that Kate wore the pants in the relationship and Jon never stood up to his wife. She was constantly criticizing the way he dressed, the way he breathed and she even yelled at him for interrupting her on national television. Although they seemed to stay together for their brood, no one was surprised a few months ago when the two filed for a divorce. Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave starring Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro first aired on MTV in 2004 and followed the untraditional couple on a journey leading up to their wedding. Originally, the two did a special for MTV called Carmen and Dave: An MTV Love Story, which turned out to be a hit and left the fans wanting more. They agreed to be a part of the reality show although Dave told MTV News that reality TV was impossible, "because you're not gonna be real with an eight-man crew in your house." Although Carmen denied there was such a thing as an "MTV curse" like in the case of Nick and Jessica, she filed for divorce three years into their marriage. Check out the rest on Starpulse.com: TV Reality Romances That Ended In Divorce

Jessica Simpson Shows Cleavage While Signing Autographs

Jessica Simpson signed and handed out autographs yesterday (March 21) to a large number on lucky fans at the Dillards Department Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. The fans who showed up to receive... See the pics at Putu.Us

Jessica Simpson - At the Waverly Inn in New York, Feb. 13th

Jessica Simpson was snapped outside the Waverly Inn in New York on Feb. 13th sporting her enormous breasts in a low-cut black blouse. Continue Reading... She was accompanied by her boyfriend Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys, and the pair seemed to be on a pre-Valentine's Day dinner date. Its hard not to be enamored of Jessica's incredible natural assets, and we all know that nothing beats nature.

Jessica Simpson - Madison Square Garden Performance, New York, Feb. 12th

Here's a collection of some very sexy shots of Jessica Simpson performing recently at the Madison Square Garden in New York. Continue Reading... This just goes to show that the recent hoopla over her weight gain is just stupidity on the part of some. Curvy and voluptuous figures beat stick thin ones hands down any day. She looks as pretty as ever, and now she's got nice curves as well.

Jessica Simpson - Performing at the Kohl Center, Wisconsin, Feb. 7th

Jessica Simpson performed at the Kohl center in Wisconsin this saturday (Feb. 7th). With so much talk lately about her weight gain, I didnt expect her to look as good as she did. Personally, I prefer a curvier Jessica with some meat on her bones. She was looking very hot in her tiny shorts, black shirt and high leather boots. And the fact that she’s well-endowed doesn’t hurt either! Continue Reading...