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Nikita's penultimate episode felt more like the start of a new season than the beginning of the end. I honestly don't know how this show is able to do so much with so little time, but its what we've come to expect from this thrilling and woefully underrated show. "Bubble" began with Michael and Nikita marveling at the dreamlike feeling of their current situation, and that's really what it is. Not in a fake-out sense of it not  really happening, but in the sense that it's fleeting, and not meant to be. Nikita and her friends testify before congress and when the public gets to see the avenging Nikita that we've always loved, turns out they love her too. Nikita tests through the roof in opinion polls, wins the approval of decent men like Senator Chappel (John Getz), earns the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and has a little bit of time to enjoy the feeling of being seen as one of the good guys. Read More... //


Well, that was it, the end of one of the best action-adventure series to ever air on television. This show delivered an action movie in an hour every episode and it's a shame it never found the audience it deserved. But they did go out in style and Craig Silverstein, Albert Kim and the Nikita team did get to give us an ending and for that I'm grateful. Read More... //

Nikita delivers one last glorious fake-out

  Last night's Nikita finale had a definite feeling of wrapping up everything at top speed, as the pieces fell into place really quickly. But for all that, it still managed to deliver one final insane fake-out, doing the last thing you ever expected.  Read More... //

'Nikita' series finale recap: 'Canceled' gives fans the perfect ending

For four seasons, The CW's spy thriller "Nikita" held nothing back. The main character was a junkie-turned-assassin with so much blood on her hands it's shocking that she was still a hero in viewers' eyes. And that was pushed to the limits on the series finale, "Canceled," which aired on Friday (Dec. 27).The episode saw Nikita (Maggie Q) struggle with the question Amanda posed to her when she first entered Division all those years ago: "Who will you be?" Is Nikita a hero, or a murderer? A calculating strategist or a wild animal? Right when viewers gave up faith in our heroine, thinking she crossed a line and gave in to the darkness inside of her, the showrunners yelled "Psych!"Nikita never truly lost her way in her last mission to take down Amanda and The Group. It was all a ruse to ferret Amanda out of hiding. Nikita, Michael, and the rest of the... //

Nikita Series Finale Review: Welcome Back to the Basement

Nikita said goodbye with one last Nikita-Alex rogue mission.  Read More... //

'Nikita': The 15 Most Pivotal Moments of Michael and Nikita's Relationship

After 4 seasons, Nikita came to a close with an emotional series finale. There was a lot to love about the action drama, including the complicated relationship between the couple at the heart of the series. Michael and Nikita did not have it easy, even at the end, but their love was strong enough to overcome everything they came up against. Take a look at 15 moments that made us fall in love with this sexy spy couple. //

Nikita Season 4 Review “Canceled”

Brutality versus deception – that’s the question  Nikita  finally decided to dwell on in its final hour, and is that was able to explore the true nature of its protagonist before fading to black forever. This show has always been great with action, with strong relationships between female characters and an identity that it never really wavered from over four seasons, but one of the prime strengths of  Nikita  was its titular character. Maggie Q has always done a great job and, in that, the writers have had the freedom to create a flawed and complicated heroine that, come the series finale, we could believe had gone rogue. Read More... //

Nikita Season 4 Review “Bubble”

Talk about going out in a blaze of glory! We knew we wouldn’t come out of  Nikita ’s final season clean, and the first to fall was always going to Ryan. What made it much less painful, however, was the respectful and impactful way in which the show decided to kill their most expendable (yet my favorite) character – fighting for the truth and doing whatever it would take to get that truth back to Nikita. He’s been largely missing from this farewell season, but it feels right that his death would be the thing that ushers us in to the big showdown next week. Last week we, and the group, were lured into a false sense of security, and ‘Bubble’ was about accepting and/or rejecting the freedom that offered all of the characters. The medal the government wished to bestow upon Nikita in exchange for her being the face of the spun story was the perfect motif, and meant that we’re now going into the finale much in the same way as we began. Nikita is now part of a whole new system that wishes to use her for their own gain, and she’s bringing her people together in order to defy that system. The added threat of Amanda and The Group just makes things more urgent. Read More... //

Last night's Nikita was one of the best hours of TV I've seen in ages

How do you follow up one of the weirdest cliffhangers in television history? With an episode chock full of jaw-dropping moments and one terrible shock. They could have called this "The Last Temptation of Nikita." This show is going out on an amazing high note. //

Nikita "Bubble" Review: No More Secrets

Nikita became an American hero, but lost one of her best friends in the process.  Read More... //