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No Game No Life episode 12 [Final]: World Conquest

What a splendid ending to a great show this was. It happens so often, for a great show to turn to crap because of a terrible ending, it definitively wasn’t what happened with No Game No Life. I would dare say that this final episode was by far the most action packed and awesome episode there was in the whole season. At the pace things were going, I got a bit scared that they would hurry things up too much near the end and we would end up with a rushed conclusion. Yet while they did put in a LOT of things in that final episode, they still managed to pace things very well and have the episode feel right. I didn’t felt at any point that things were moving too quickly during the episode, if anything the episode simply felt longer than 25 minutes. After all, in the span of a single episode they manage to beat the game of the Eastern Federation, take a bath in the name of furry fan service, win a second time against the Eastern Federation, divide the Elven kingdom from the inside and finally challenge the Old Gods as a final cliffhanger for the season. And somehow nothing felt too quick or out of place.   Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 11: FPS Love Shooter

No Game No Life had never been really action oriented the way it currently is and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the results. The action is fluid and they manage to make a game of reflex and skill look like a grand calculated chess board nonetheless. Using Shiro’s innate impossible ability to calculate any odds in a fraction of second, they turned a FPS game into one big calculation where the only thing keeping them from absolute victory is the cheats that the Warbeasts are using. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 10: Getting to know one another

I must admit this episode of No Game No Life was a bit on the slow side. After the last few episode this episode, especially the beginning, felt a bit dragged on. I understand the importance of setting the characters and the preparation before the fight, but we already had a good introduction of Zell and I didn’t feel particularly interested in her emotional state. I know her relationship with Fi was important,  but I didn’t need to know THAT much about it, the two of them will remain side characters after all. I felt the episode was closer to a soft comedy relief to make us calm down before a storm more than anything else. We are in the final straight, the only thing left before the end is this final challenge which will decide the fate of Imanity. The next two episode will be fought in the virtual reality of Tokyo. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 9: A Matter of Existence

This episode was truly brilliant, the game played in No Game No Life keep on getting better and better over time. We are not just seeing people playing chest anymore, the games are more than just a question of strategy, cheating and bluff now. We are seeing everyone fight with their trust and memories now. It is one thing to bet something physical, it is a whole other thing to bet your memories and existence into a game. I previously wondered just how much you can bet in a game and how complex a game could be according to the law of the world. This episode we got a glimpse of an answer from Jibril, even though it wasn’t anything specific. Jibril mentioned that it was impossible to make a game where people would bet their own existence as it was “too complex” or something like that. This means that a game can only be so complex as the strongest of party can themselves create. This means that the higher up in the world Shiro and Sora go, the more complex and world altering the games can be. Now, so far I have not mentioned anything about the consequences of a game, but those seems to somehow fall into the same category. Jibril and Shiro originally believed that the game was over, they theorized that the disappearance of Sora was a part of the result. Even using this theory, Jibril seemed to believe it was impossible to obtain such an outcome from winning or losing a game. We remain in very vague territory here, but it does seems to have some kind of limitation to what kind of wish can be bet in a game. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 8: Beating them furries

Usually I would be the first person to complain about the addition of yet another cute girl who will just be added to Shiro and Sora’s harem, that little warbeast girl is looking way too tsundere and cute not to be another piece of their court. I hate when show creates a huge harem for the only purpose of making cute waifu as a fanservice and would rather have them give us some actual content instead. Which is exactly why I am not mad one bit at No Game No Life for this bit of fanservice considering how awesome and filled with content this episode was. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 7: Sacrifice of the Fool King

I really love that Jibril is a new character. While Steph bring her role as the granddaughter of the previous king, an emotional, normal, useless human; The girl unfortunately doesn’t bring much in term of complexity and intelligence. This is where Jibril comes in and adds so much fantasy and badassness to the show. Sora and Shiro definitively had a Neet yet powerful feel to their character, but having an otherwordly being with them that share some of their qualities really increases the discussion in awesome territory. It is great to have an equal to Sora and Shiro helping them and giving advice, Jibril definitively proves to be an important asset. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 6: The Power of Science !

I was a little late on this week episode and I chose very poorly to wait before watching No Game No Life this week because the episode was incredible. We had games in the past, but they were all somehow realistic and had very little magic as a part of them. We played lot of chess and card game so it was refreshing to see a game where the rules were made completely different by the power of magic. This episode was definitively much more fantasy based than anything we could see before and it did great for the show as I felt much more immerse into the game than I ever did previously. Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 5: Dog for a day

I feel like the power of command in this world could be easily abused to provide much greater power and function than what Shiro and Sora has used them for so far. If someone can really force so much will into someone as to change them completely as a person, I wonder what the actual limit of the commands can be. If Sora could be changed to a fulfilled person just by losing a game, wouldn’t it be possible for people to change personality completely and change sides in drawing untouched potential. What if I ask someone to be the best runner in the world, would it happen instantly, would that person train to become the best in the world or would it fail if that person is physically incapable of reaching such height? Read More... //

No Game No Life episode 4: King & Queen Blank

The premise of the show, from starting nowhere to defeating the god of this world, was never really something difficult to figure out after watching but the first episode. This episode just helped to really set the page on what this show will be about and how it will progress. We are at the fourth episode and Blank got themselves a kingdom, by episode 12 they need to have defeated god. There are 16 kingdoms total, so 15 left to conquer. From this alone you can expect things to stop ramping up so quickly for the next few episode. We will probably have a lot of political games and the kings will play games to win huge territories. I somehow doubt that the show will spend more than 2 episodes fighting against god, so we have at least 6 more episodes of “mental war” and political scheming. Read More...   //

No Game No Life episode 3: Lively Chess Game

I really liked this episode because of what it showed about No Game No Life. The show was always told to be all about puzzle and solving them, and while it is impressive to see those two siblings come up with all possible possibility and solve things with logic, it makes things much more interesting when the rules of a game are ill-defined and can evolved like this one. They are in a fantasy world, to have a game be limited in the way it is played because of a lack of creativity would be a shame, it is much more interesting to have them play the system than to see them play a regular game of chest again and again. Read More... //