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No Game No Life episode 10: Getting to know one another

I must admit this episode of No Game No Life was a bit on the slow side. After the last few episode this episode, especially the beginning, felt a bit dragged on. I understand the importance of setting the characters and the preparation before the fight, but we already had a good introduction of Zell and I didn’t feel particularly interested in her emotional state. I know her relationship with Fi was important,  but I didn’t need to know THAT much about it, the two of them will remain side characters after all. I felt the episode was closer to a soft comedy relief to make us calm down before a storm more than anything else. We are in the final straight, the only thing left before the end is this final challenge which will decide the fate of Imanity. The next two episode will be fought in the virtual reality of Tokyo. Read More... //0-gate.com/game-life-episode-10/