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Nobunaga the Fool Episode 24 Final Review… Finally.

For today’s last episode I’m going to be typing up this recap and review as I react to the episode so it’ll go in chronological order with all my comments inserted along with the events. The final episode of Nobunaga the Fool finally pits King Arthur against Nobunaga. After Cesare shoots Joan… he gets killed/shot by Mitsuhide cause he like all the other supporting characters are needed which means in this show he gets to die (at a random moment). Mitsuhide is totally on Arthur’s side and Nobunaga goes into super saiyan mode and summons The Fool literally into Arthur’s palace. Anyone remaining is stuck on the fact that Nobunaga is the Destroyer-King while King Arthur is the Saviour-King. King Arthur reveals that people see his face as a visual representation of a warped version of their values – basically, what they want to see and believe; a mirror that reflects man’s desire. Okay so we get like a bunch of repetitive dialogue to explain Arthur’s FACE but nothing else to explain anything about the world or technology or magic. Thanks. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 23 Review

Nobunaga confronts Da Vinci about goading Mitsuhide and Da Vinci claims he is trying to figure out the truth of the world and the destinies of those who are key plamaker of the process. He believes King Arthur’s goal is recreate the world (utopia) through the powers of the Holy Grail. The remaining allies plan what to do. Although Himiko wants to take the Azuchi right into the Palais to attack Arthur, Hideyoshi volunteers to go alone. He finally reveals that Himiko is at her limit and claims if she uses the Ladder of Heaven to teleport the ship, she’ll die. OMG Hideyoshi actually hugs her in front of everyone, unable to stand the fact that she’s been pushing herself so far. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 22 Review

Nobunaga the Fool is getting intense my friend. Episode 22 begins with many of MItsuhide’s flashbacks and his growing animosity towards Nobunaga. The episode is titled as “The Devil” which should and does provide some interesting results. Mitsuhide continues to reflect on the destruction that Nobunaga has wrought. Mitsuhide speaks to Joan aside and questions her about her vision regarding Nobunaga as the Destroyer-King. Is Arthur the true Saviour-King then? Joan is still unsure but Mitsuhide blames Nobunaga for Ichihime’s death. At least Hideyoshi still continues to be a great character. He and Ichihime’s ladies in waiting are handing out provisions to the surviving villagers. When Nobunaga speaks to Hideyoshi, this is the first time we see Nobunaga ever stop and REFLECT on his decisions and the consequences of his actions. It basically took… almost every notable character’s death to bring about this self-reflection. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 21 Review

King Arthur’s “imposing aura” promises world destruction. The people tremble in fear. The east and west head to battle. Just before violence breaks out, Caesar arrives and mediates, proposing peace with Nobunaga. Caesar claims that King Arthur wishes for peace in the new world. Nobunaga refuses. Ichihime seems disappointed… in her brother? Or her husband? Nobunaga claims that there is no path but war now. He follows his own path, whether that leads him to salvation or destruction, Joan is unsure. Read More.... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episodes 19-20 Review

SOOOOOO Da Vinci and now Himiko, speak in proverbs about dragons and life and death as Hideyoshi is placed on a life support system of sorts. No explanations there. Its magic, it’s mecha, it works. don’t question it. Nobunaga, Joan, Da Vinci and Mitsuhide meet Uesugi Kenshin on a little sailboat amidst the fog. Kenshin draws a card and picks the wheel of fortune. Nobunaga needs to defeat the dragons of Yomotsuhirasaka to obtain its powers. (The same dragons that Himiko faced as a fledgling priestess). As the characters set out to do their thing, there’s no back story given on Yomotsuhirasaka except the fact that it’s described as a mystical place of old power. Don’t know how the Regalia work and why Nobunaga can’t repair his armour or why the Regalia does not repair itself because it’s supposed to be magical. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 18 Review

After hijacking his own machine, Mitsuhide arrives at the battlefield, glimpsing the remnants of the Takeda lands. He finds part of Ichihime’s kimono and fears for her wellbeing. Uesugi Kenshin steps forth to face his foe, Chandra Gupta. Okay, it’s pretty stupid and hilarious how these brothers of the round table are dying or defecting left and right. Hannibal first, then Charlemagne in previous episodes, then shortly after we realize how useless Machiavelli is and how insignificant Chandra Gupta was, as a character because he literally came on screen for two seconds, got stabbed and blew up. Did his voice actor even get paid? Read More.. //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 17 review

The Azuchi ship has taken some damage due to the ley lines intersecting over Yomotsuhirasaka. Himiko falls into the ocean during the shake. Nobunaga dives in after her and saves her. This incident and scene is very much reminiscient of Himiko’s childhood moments with Nobunaga where she was isolated in that sacred space for priestess training. Although the ley lines reject all human beings, they accepted Nobunaga when his little boat accidentally sailed adrift. I really enjoyed the kiddy Himiko and Nobunaga flashback. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 16 Review

Nobunaga and Joan have fled their foes and their allies are attempting to rescue them by the ley lines are instable so the Azuchi is unable to approach in close proximity. Caesar offers his advice and states that Cesare will succeed in capturing Nobunaga and Ranmaru if they do not act quickly. Nobunaga and Joan are escaping through the tunnels in the mountain. Both are uncerstain to who is the true Saviour King and who the Destroyer King. Joan continuously holds a negative view of her visions but Nobunaga states that the visions brought them both together. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 15 Review

Joan’s capture has given us some insight into the characters and inner workings of the Star of the West. Holy hell. Cesare Borgia is the cruelest sumbitch in the world and he almost attempts to scar and physically torture Joan. Luckily (or unluckily) Machiavelli intervenes and brings Joan back to her hometown where she undergoes more of a mental and emotional torture. Machiavelli looks pretty confident that she can break Joan. The people of the west want Joan to acknowledge King Arthur as the Saviour-King and Machiavelli tells Joan that she can change her life if she just marries King Arthur and becomes his consort. Joan reasserts that only  he  alone can become Saviour King. Here, Joan shows true strength even in the face of torture and death. Read More... //

Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 Review

Other than the fact that Chalemagne ends up being obsessed with the Carthaginian Leader Hannibal WHO’S A GIRL, I really liked this episode. It amuses me that the name of Charlamagne’s Regalia is named Carolus Magnus hinting at the history of the Caroliginian Empire while Hannibal’s Regalia is named Novo Carthago meaning New Carthage after his conquest through the Alps. Now, aside from this strange historical twist and the fact that the subs team I followed failed to translate “The Empress” properly and butchered it into “imperatrice,” Nobunaga the Fool Episode 14 has reached a new turning point where more characters from the west are being mixed into the fray. Read More... //