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Nodame Cantabile Finale Review

Sorry, trying to catch up. Anyways, after Stresseman asks Nodame to do a concerto with him, she skips school and goes to London with Stresseman for a while. Chiaki starts desperately looking for Nodame only to find out that she's performing a concerto with Stresseman. He goes to watch it and tries to meet her after the concert but she refuses to see him. Elise is happy that the concert was a success but Nodame seems as though a shell is only left of her. Good Nausicaa reference in this scene. Nodame all of a sudden leaves without her cell phone and because of that no one's able to get a hold of her. Funny scene where Elise calls Chiaki pretending to be Nodame. She calls to see if Nodame is with Chiaki but no dice. While trying to find her, he finally comes to term with his feelings for Nodame. We find out that she ends up she's just been training everywhere because she doesn't think she can top her performance. She then plans to head home but misses her stop and it delays her even more. She eventually gets back to her place like nothing happened. Also with Kuroki getting more kids/Nodame being popular, her apartment starts to look like a daycare. All her friends wonder if she'll ever go back to studies or her career. Chiaki comes to her place and Nodame tells her she doesn't want to play anymore and she felt guilty she didn't play her first with him. Chiaki grabs her and takes her to Nina Lutz's place and tells her play the first piece they played together when they first met. After everything, Nodame turns to her usual self and jumps to embrace Nodame, thinking he's going to block her hug but he accepts it wholeheartedly, now knowing he doesn't want to her to leave his side. After that, Chiaki's just doing his thing and Nodame does the Mozart concert with Chiaki there. Kuroki and Tanya seem like they're doing well, doing competitions together. Can't wait until (maybe) they animate the opera-hen! Source Here

Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 7 - Review: "Lecon 7/8"

Nodame is so into practicing she forgets to go to Chiaki's concert. At her lesson, she's told by Auclair that the Beethoven's third movement of Piano Sonata No. 31 lacks the proper emotion, rejection, depression, etc. However, Auclair calls her Megumi instead of Bebe-chan so she gets really excited. However after being stopped by Lucas, she realizes she has forgotten to ask Chiaki for concert tickets to him and Rui's concert. No worry, Chiaki's reserved seven for her. Nodame asks if she can come pick them up the next day but she's told that he has to go Rui's place for work, to see her progress on the solo. Because of this, she realizes what kind of emotion is needed in the Beethoven piece. Next evening, Nodame has everyone over for dinner. However, the pizza everyone pitched in for, she ends up burning it. Luckily, Nodame's got some Chiaki cooking so that ends up being served. She seems really depressed and Tanya suggests her to just go and see Chiaki but she seems like she's enjoying the mood so no one pushes it any further. They all go to the concert and Rui's expectation far exceeds what Nodame was expecting. She ends up at Chiaki's place and he realizes that there's something wrong with Nodame, but he decides to play along. He asks if she can stay over, and at one point, she suddenly embraces him and asks if he likes her. The next morning, he's getting ready to leave for Italy and he's about to call to Nodame when she shows up right behind her and. she asks him to marry her. Not knowing what to do, he passes it off as a joke and leaves. Later that day, Stresemann sees Nodame sitting on a bench and goes up to her like his usual self and she seems down so he jokingly tells her that if she needs a place to cry, then cry in his arms, to which she obliges. Meanwhile Chiaki is with Jean and Yuko and his mind is filled with the proposal of that morning. He realized that she was running away from something but since he didn't want to believe it, he passed it off as a joke. He wonders if he should call her. At the same time, Stresemann is talking to Nodame and asks about the proposal. Then Stresemann asks Nodame to play for him since he has not heard her play since they were both in Japan. After hearing her play, Stresmann asks if Nodame wants to do a concerto with him first, instead of with Chiaki. I can’t believe this is coming to an end as well! Source Here

Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 6 - Review: ''Lecon 6"

Nodame finds out that Chiaki is actually performing the Ravel piece with Rui in the next performance through Yun Long who lends her the CD that Auclair performs on. Chiaki decides to cook for her and tell her casually. He gets there and it's too late, she already knows. She tells him that he could have told him right away, she would have been disappointed a little but she can deal with it. After seeing what Nodame is doing for Auclair, he decides to cancel his trip to Italy. He is amazed how focused she is, in fact he can't even practice for that long. He is happy that she is finally the concepts of the pieces, a little late but he states, sometimes idiots do great things. While Chiaki explains a Beethoven piece, Nodame stops him and tells him that he can give her hints but not tell her how to play. He agrees, turns her over and kisses her. They continue the practice. Tanya goes to apologize to Kuroki for being rude. Kuroki then asks if she can be his accompanist for the competition he's entering. Back at Nodame's place, she comes back to Chiaki reviewing the pieces she's working on. She tells him that she can do it on her own and that he should focus on his next performances. Source Here

Kimi Ni Todoke - Season 3 - Episode 5 - Review: ''Lecon 5"

After not being able to perform well enough, Tanya and Yun Long are scheduled to move back to their countries after the term is over. Nodame and Frank go to the final performances where Nodame falls in love with a piece. To cheer Tanya up, Nodame asks Chiaki to bring along Kuroki, as Yun Long calls him Tanya's prince. As they try to get her out of her room (other than school, she's been hiding in her room), the moment Kuroki calls out to her and tells her that her performance was really good. She immediately comes out and tells them she'll be ready in about a hour. While eating dinner (with Yun Long, who goes anywhere with free food), Kuroki gives a surprising proposal to Tanya, he invites her to live at her place. Nodame comes in and tells Chiaki what piece she wants to play with him, Ravel's Piano Concerto in G Major, the same piece he's scheduled to perform with Rui. Source Here

Nodame Cantabile - Season 3 - Episode 4 - Review: ''Lecon 3/4"

Really strolling along here. Third episode, Rui and Chiaki go to dinner together and after talking we find out that he misses Nodame a little. After dinner, Rui tries to ask Chiaki to hang out the next day but is rejected, being told that he's hanging out with Nodame the next day making Rui realize that it's not over between the two. Anyways, Nodame salon debut happens and she patiently waits for Chiaki. He's never late but she gives him the benefit of the doubt and rightfully so since he ends up having to take the bus. By total coincidence though he sees Viella and they finally reunite. He asks if Chiaki wants to come out and watch his rehearsal and before he knew it he was off the bus. He ends up missing her debut but the performance ends up being a success. (end of episode 3) As Nodame is sleeping, she hears a loud thud at her door and the door unlocking. She ends up with a Chiaki on her bed apologizing to her. She ends up getting up and tells him to sit down properly. She's surprised at how obedient he is so she tests him by asking for a handshake (dog style) and he complies. She asks why he wasn't at the performance and he explains to her about his encounter with Viella. She tells him there's nothing he could have done. He asks how it went but she tells him that it went really well except that she wasn't invited to any future performances. Chiaki (relaxing his legs) tells Nodame that people who go into performing thinking that way usually don't get it. Nodame snaps at Chiaki telling him she never allowed to relax his legs. To Read More Click Me!