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Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 12 "Healthcare & Cinema" Review

From NY Mag: The finale held a few surprises, as finales are wont to do: Eddie finally gets mad (and mad drunk), Jackie gets in a fight (with a machine), and Intern Zoey takes off her pink scrubs. Who: Eddie, the Ex-Pharmacist Jackie's problem: At the close of last week's episode, Eddie peered into Kevin's bar, where he spied Jackie and family in the throes of domestic bliss. This time he strides right into the bar, plops himself down, and kicks off a daylong drinking binge - all for the courage to chat up Kevin about his personal life and wife. When Kevin dreamily describes the wonderful, wifely things Jackie does for him, the look on Eddie's face subtly cycles through surprise, sadness, envy, and jealous-boyfriend anger. The solution: Eddie caps his day with a drunken sneak-attack on All Saints, where he spews a stream of epithets on the verge of revealing his affair with Jackie. As he's forced from the hospital, he whispers in Jackie's ear: "That's a nice boy you've got there." Ridiculousness: Medium-High. That Eddie would want to come out with their affair isn't so surprising - what shocks is that he refrains from spilling it. Especially under the influence of so much booze. Who: Zoey Jackie's problem: Zoey was the one who overdosed the now-comatose film critic, but Jackie may have to take the fall. This troubles Jackie somewhat, but more so Zoey, who sheds her trademark pink scrubs in favor of mournful, Eeyore-gray garb. To complete the picture, Zoey brazenly hangs up on Akalitus, who is stuck in the elevator, acting out cartoonish fantasies of fame and friendship with the critic. Zoey is avoiding Akalitus because Akalitus is demanding a formal investigation into the situation. Soon enough, though, the patient is awake and transformed, fondly remembering the movie Showgirls and now innocent of his once venomous hatred of Kevin Costner. Jackie's solution: Keeping Akalitus marooned means Jackie and Zoey don't have to make a statement - yet. Ridiculousness: Low. Zoey's diversion into the doldrums shows a serious side we knew had to be there all along. Read the rest: Nurse Jackie Season Finale Review Watch Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 12 "Healthcare & Cinema" Online Now

Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 11 "Pill-O-Matix" Review

From TVSquad by Jane Boursaw : (S01E11) Nothing really jumped out at me about this episode ... well, ok, the spider scene. And the end scene. That opened up a big can o' worms for Jackie that I'm sure will have big consequences for her one way or another. And I appreciated seeing Victor Garber as the movie critic patient, and the mess Zoey made while caring for him. But that's how Nurse Jackie operates. There usually aren't any major "wow" scenes; the episodes just sort of float along, one playing off of the other in more of a real-life fashion. In case anyone hasn't seen the episode yet, I'll get into more details after the jump. The tap-dancing scene: I can see where Jackie's coming from. The other kid wasn't giving Grace any space, so of course, Jackie would fight for her daughter. Except her daughter didn't seem too annoyed by it and Jackie getting into a little tussle with the other kid didn't help matters. Maybe a better solution would have been to just pull Grace back a little, so she'd have a line all to herself. Then again, the other mom wasn't being helpful at all. Kevin and Fiona buying a new ring for Jackie. Just a really sweet scene that makes me want to punch Jackie for fooling around behind Kevin's back. My current theory is that she started sleeping with Eddie to get the pills, and then fell for him along the way. At least after he's gone, she'll be able to reset the Pill-O-Matix to get her pills. Not that that's a good thing. Coop falling for Jackie. After one kiss? And he gives her flowers and Extra gum? What's up with that, and who is this guy anyway? I think O'Hara was spot-on when she said, "Oh, goodie, now he can take you to the prom," after she and Jackie watched Coop break up with his girlfriend so he could be with Jackie. Jackie arguing with the movie critic over Hotel for Dogs and The Guardian. I'm sort of on her side with this. Different movies appeal to different people, and not every movie has to be an Oscar winner to be fun. Then again, he's right, too. His job is to pick apart movies. Zoey giving the movie critic too large a dose. Well, that's just sloppy nursing. But it did lead to Zoey's little talk over pizza with Mo-Mo and Thor, which was just touching and sweet. Jackie shopping with O'Hara. Jackie seems to take everything so nonchalantly, that I was surprised she'd be all stressed out over O'Hara taking her shirt off in the middle of the store. I figured she'd just sit there and watch as the passers-by ogled O'Hara through the window. Spiders in a patient's ears. Ugh, I can't even write this without cringing. And then the size of that thing! Double-ugh. I'm amazed Mo-Mo didn't pass out. I almost did just watching it. The End Scene. I see big, big troubles for Jackie over Eddie seeing her with Kevin and the girls through the window. And, hopefully, she'll get a clue that she's got a great thing going at home, and why the heck is she messing it up? Watch Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 11 "Pill-O-Matix" Online Now

Wonderful episode!

I'll keep this quick. I believe this was the best episode of Nurse Jackie this season. So many heartwarming moments along with heartbreaking ones. The part where Jackie checks the iPhone messages made me cry. I didn't know if I was a fan of this show, until I watched this episode. Loved it!

Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 10 "Ring Finger" Review

From TV Squad: (S01E10) "Just for the record, I'm officially questioning your judgment." - O'Hara to Jackie This episode of Nurse Jackie drove me a little nuts. All through my notes are little messages to Jackie, like I think she's going to see my notes and take my advice -- before she ruins her life even further. I mean, I've commented before how difficult it must be keeping her personal life completely separate from her work life, and this episode was like a time bomb waiting to go off. You just know that sooner or later, she's going to be so fried that she'll forget who knows what, and say something to reveal her secret -- just like she almost did to Mo-Mo when she started talking about the mother-daughter tap dance class. And cripes! To go so far as to have O'Hara cut the ring off her finger, when she couldn't get it off herself?! That's pretty darn drastic. Why not just tell people the truth? So Eddie would know she's married with children. So what? Something tells me he might keep seeing her even then. And then to have Jackie take a hammer to her finger? She needs her hands! She's a nurse! The storyline about the guy who dropped dead of a heart attack was pretty heartbreaking. Marley and Me? That's just too sad -- especially since it was a horribly sad movie to begin with. Also, what the heck is up with Dr. Cooper and his stress-induced feel-ups? Is there really a disease that causes someone to grab a woman's boobs? It seems even more bizarre that a doctor would have it. What if he did it to a patient? Doctoring is stressful business. I would imagine he'd be feeling up any and everyone. And I liked Jackie's approach when Coop questioned the business about her using him to harvest the guy's organs without the family's consent. After all, he doesn't have any room to talk. He was making out with someone in an exam room, for cripes sake, when he should have been there doing the work Jackie was doing. And what the heck was up with Jackie kissing Coop?! That scene happened and I just felt like a big shark jumped right over this episode. I had to laugh, though, when she immediately went and scrubbed her teeth raw, like she just couldn't handle the idea of kissing him. Hey, he's not that god-awful looking. My favorite scene, though, was Zoey busting in on Eddie and Jackie having sex. Zoey had some great scenes in this episode, including that one and the one where she hugged Jackie. Or tried to, rather. What did you guys think of this episode? Source - TV Squad Watch Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 10 "Ring Finger" Online Now


Jackie has to come up with drastic measures to keep Dr. Cooper from exposing her for falsifying an organ donor's file. Besides, Jackie can't take her wedding ring off when she is about to meet Eddie and seeks Dr. O'Hara's help.

Nurse Jackie - Nosebleed - Review - Spoilers included

Review will be storyline by storyline, not as it happened. Jackie and her family are having a day out prior to her starting her shift. When her youngest child's balloon bursts the child won't be satisfied until peace-maker sister lets one of her balloons go too. At a meal the young girl expresses a wish that the hospital would burn down, sending Jackie in to the bathroom where she snorts some more drugs. On arriving at work, jackie spots an itinerant who is a regular at the ER as he is a diabetic. He collapses and Jackie tends to him. While trying to revive him her nose starts to bleed. When he is undressed, the nursing staff discover that he has a gangerous foot which will have to be amputated. Zoey points out that if it had been treated last time he'd been in, it might have been caught at the blister stage and the foot would have been saved. Jackie claimed she told Zoey to get a Dr to see the man, but Zoey denies this, saying Jackie's instructions had been very clear - "greet them and street them". Again, Jackie makes it clear that Zoey must have made a mistake and missed her instructions. Zoey, realising she is being sandbagged, carries on working and doesn't argue. Jackie later on checks Zoey's book and sees the instructions written clearly - 'greet them and street them' - Dr? No. Socks? Yes. Jackie realises she might have been partly responsible for the man losing his foot. A student is wheeled in brain dead and again, Jackie 'looks for' the donor card, fails to find it but claims he has one anyway. The parents are stuck between airports and she calls for Coop to certify brain death and get the transplant process underway presumably before they arrive. Coop is making love with his girlfriend in an exam room and misses the page (again). Eventually Jackie crashes in, finding him half naked, and gives him a piece of her mind. She goes out and tells the transplant team that Coop signed off on brain death and to get the process underway. She goes down to the hospital chapel and does more drugs. Again her nose begins to bleed. The baby storyline is resolved at least for the time being. Mrs Akalitus begins putting out feelers with a view to adoption, but before she can do more, social services tell her the parents have turned up. She demands to speak to them in her office. They tell her that they were just tired looking after him and wanted a weekend away, so they left him somewhere they felt would be safe. She then tells them he's dead. They're distraught, so she then tells them he's fine, but they are never ever to do anything like that again. They sign a waiver releasing the hospital of any responsibility and take the child away. Eddie has decided that he'd like to meet Jackie's child. I have a feeling that he doesn't realise she is married. Eleanor treats Jackie's nose, telling her it's a real mess up there and she says she'll get her husband to install some air conditioning. It's the first sign we have that Jackie's drug use is starting to affect her in a more serious way that perhaps in the past - firstly in her offhand treatment of the hobo and then with the bleeding from her nose. Eleanor tells jackie that she marvels at how she can cope with everything - the family life, the work and the affair. She says she's been talking about Jackie to her sister in France who is in a similar position but is a complete wreck. Jackie is furious. She feels betrayed by Eleanor's breach of confidence and points out that whatever Eleanor thinks, they are not sisters.

Nurse Jackie Season 1, Episode 8 "Pupil" Review

From TV Squad: (S01E08) "Honey, I know I'm pretty, but you just wasted 30 seconds staring at me." - Mo-Mo, to a male nurse who needs to get back to work Well, there are certain things about Nurse Jackie that you just know are going to come into play. Like the assisted suicide story we had recently, and tonight's chilling opening scene where Jackie's daughter accidentally gets Jackie's drugs mixed into the sprinkles on her doughnut (loved that slo-mo camera work, though). Sooner or later, Jackie's not going to catch stuff like that, and it'll be disastrous. I know we've talked about this before, but you have to wonder how she can function so well doing all those drugs. And what would happen if she suddenly didn't have access to them. I'm sure nurses and doctors can identify with tonight's episode, where the ER is overworked and understaffed. But how do you think the temp nurse knew that Jackie was doing drugs? Just a hunch? I do love how she told the patient who couldn't get any service from the temp, "If you don't get everything you need in the next five minutes, this man over here is going to pay you $50." Jackie knows how to get things done. Maybe all those drugs help her cut through the crap. Or who knows, maybe she'd get five times as much stuff done without the drugs. So, Cooper and Eddie both know that Jackie has a kid. I've been thinking about this, and for me, it would be really hard to keep my private life out of my work life. I've worked in offices before, and my coworkers have all become like family to me. They knew everything about me, and I knew everything about them. Maybe I'm just an open book that way. At least Jackie has Dr. O'Hara to help her keep some perspective on things. Regarding Grace's panic attack at school, you have to think that some of Jackie's stressful work-life is getting passed on to her family. It would be hard to have that sort of job and not bring it home. I think Jackie gets that, too, as she noted to O'Hara while puffing frantically on a cigarette: "I think I make her worse. I really do." More Thoughts: Funny: The restaurant guy being afraid to tell O'Hara to stop smoking. Adorable: That baby in Mrs. Akalitus' care. Wonder how that will play out. Dramatic: The blow-up between Dr. Cooper and Nurse Jackie. Sweet: Zoey. Cute: Jackie's jealousy over him not bringing her coffee: "You bet your ass I am, you big homo." Helpful: Jackie telling the patient's daughter how to get around the HMO: "Don't write oncology or exploratory surgery on anything. It should all go to the insurance company of the guy who hit your mother." Take notes, everyone. Hopeful: Jackie singing the karaoke version of "Up on the Roof" to her daughters. Your thoughts?

Nurse Jackie Recap: Season 1, Episode 8 'Pupil'

Last night's episode of Nurse Jackie began while Jackie got on the train going in one direction with her family off in the other direction. Even worse, the audience saw some of Jackie's drugs getting into her daughter's doughnut. The hospital was four nurses short and the nurses had to take on a temporary male nurse named Sam. Mo-Mo thought he was cute and Jackie thought he was lazy. Jackie taught Zoey how to split real emergency patients from the ones looking for a drug fix. Thanks to Jackie's teaching, Zoey correctly identified Sam as a drug addict. Jackie kicked him out, but not before he called her an addict too. Read the full recap: 'Nurse Jackie' Recap: 'Pupil'

Nurse Jackie Recap: Season 1, Episode 7 'Steak Knife'

Eddie bought a bracelet for Jackie, only to give it to Coop when he realized Jackie didn't remember their one-year anniversary. After Jackie and Eddie's fight, Dr. O'Hara gave Jackie Xanax to hold her over. For the rest of the staff, the big excitement was a God impersonator in the apartment building across the street and a patient that came in with a steak knife in his chest. The God imitator called Jackie a whore, mocked Mo-Mo's scrub top and told Zoey she was getting a bald spot. Coop, Zoey, Jackie and O'Hara all worked on the steak knife guy, who was stabbed by the ex of a woman he'd only had one date with. After the woman admitted to be just looking for a nice guy, Jackie made up with Eddie. Eddie took the bracelet back from Coop, but Jackie gave it to the steak knife guy, wanting him to give his first date another chance. Akalitus found a baby and spent most of the episode carrying it around because everyone else was more interested in the steak knife patient. Even stranger, Dr. O'Hara came home with Jackie after a rough day at the hospital. It was never fully explained what was bothering Dr. O'Hara, but she did manage to snatch one of Jackie's bills to pay later off of the kitchen table the next morning. Source: Starpulse.com - Nurse Jackie Recap: 'Steak Knife'

Not Nurse Jackie

Just for anyone trying to watch episode 5 of Nurse Jackie- This isn't it! This is episode 5 of 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'. AKA the exact opposite of Nurse Jackie. Disappointing....