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'NYC Prep': Fashion week and Devorah Rose

It's Fashion Week on " NYC Prep " and all our favorite teens are ready to get in on the action. Jessie got the Charlotte Ronson job she interviewed for last week. Despite all her bluster, Jessie looks a bit like a lost puppy backstage. There are too many interns so she doesn't have anything to do, so she watches the show from backstage. (I spied Kristen Bell in the audience! Love her.) Later at a different show, Jessie and PC run into Devorah Rose the magazine editor from last week. Jessie is angry PC is paying attention to someone else, so she punishes PC by letting their friend Kat sit in his front row seat. Seeing that Jessie's Charlotte Ronson gig didn't work out to her liking, she applies at Carmen Marc Valvo. She shows up late which irks the designer, but when she explains that she is in high school and had a French test he lets her slide. Things go much better for her at this internship. Jessie invites PC to the Valvo after party and he invites his posse from the photo shoot, which completely annoys Jessie. When Devorah shows up it's the last straw for Jessie, who gives PC a bit of a talking to. Dude, Jessie. You're not his girlfriend or his mother. Give it up. However, it was totally uncool for PC to invite people when he wasn't supposed to. She lays in to him for it later and implies that these friends are only using him for his money. PC feels genuine remorse and offers to make good with the design house. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

NYC Prep: Camille Explains Why She Struggles to Find a Boyfriend

As someone who takes her studies very seriously, Camille has always struggled to improve her social life. She's also constantly on the lookout for a boyfriend even though no one seems to meet her impossibly high standards, despite the bevy of suitors knocking on her door. In the fourth episode of NYC Prep , viewers witnessed Camille as she tried to jump into the dating scene and go out with Dan, one of PC's senior buddies. But as you all know, the date didn't exactly go as expected. Camille struggled to find conversational topics and her frustration escalated when she found out that Dan doesn't know what he wants to major in and is only into partying when it comes to college. But while most viewers found Camille and Dan's date stagnant and awkward, Camille had a different perspective. "Speaking of sweet and endearing those would definitely be two words that I wouldn't use to describe my attitude towards Dan during our date," Camille wrote on her blog. "I will fully admit that I didn't make it easy for him to talk to me, but everyone should understand that sometimes first dates can sometimes be awkward and that feeling of discomfort is elevated when there are four cameras filming your every move! Like PC, who enjoys saying audacious things when times get awkward, I seem to get a touch sarcastic when things get awkward and boring. It is a very bad habit, and I'm working on it, but sometimes being a little mean can make things more interesting - but only if you explain your actions to the other party later. I think both Dan and I realized that the date was lacking in conversation but we did get a chance to talk about it afterwards so there are no hard feelings." Meanwhile, Camille acknowledges that when it comes to finding a boyfriend, her expectations are a bit high. "The majority of girls I know who live in the city do not have a boyfriend. When you live in New York, you are constantly meeting new people and expanding your friend circles based on the sheer concentration of individuals. At least for me, when you are always meeting new guys, it is hard to think about settling down with one for your high school years. I guess that's what I meant by 'high standards' not necessarily that I'd never considering dating anyone 'subbut it is my nature not to settle down and have a boyfriend, so if I were to ever have one in high school he would have to be someone I was truly infatuated with," she added. Source Here

NYC Prep: PC Bares It All as Gay Rumors Spread

Among all the cast members of NYC Prep , I've always been puzzled about PC. Aside from being the most notorious and flashy, he seems to be struggling with something ---something that I've been trying to hold back until various other websites have reported it as well. Word on the street is that PC is gay! I guess it all started in the first episode, where viewers were introduced to PC as someone obsessed with fashion and shopping. On top of that, viewers also learned that he has several effeminate mannerisms. While these things make PC potentially gay, that might not be enough to prove that he is. However, as NYC Prep heads further into the season, it seems that more and more viewers are getting convinced. There was an episode where in PC went to Mexico for a beach side holiday with male pal JP. There were girls coming on to PC but it appeared that he has turned them away, leaving viewers with the impression that PC isn't interested in girls. More gay-hints ensued on last night on NYC Prep. PC stripped down when he helped out on a photo shoot gone wild. What started out as an internship of his own with a magazine as a photographer's assistant turned into an outrageous adventure by the end of the shoot as he ended up in front of the camera with the male photographer as his partner. I'm still not sure if PC is gay or as some sites describe it "on board with the bi-now-gay-later program." However, it's clear that the producers of NYC Prep want viewers to think that PC might be gay since the mystery of PC's sexuality will keep viewers glued each week. has already asked Bravo about the issue but the network refused to comment. "You'll have to come to your own conclusion," Bravo said. Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - Featured

* Ruby & the Rockits (8:30/7:30 CT ABC Family) Imagine that Keith Partridge grew up and was contacted by his long-lost daughter. That's not exactly the premise for this comedy, but it's close. David Cassidy portrays an aging pop star who was once in a band with his brother (played by David's half brother Patrick). His daughter, Ruby (Alexa Vega), shows up out of the blue, and now irresponsible David needs suburban dad Patrick's help raising her. Shaun Cassidy is the show's creator and an executive producer, keeping it all in the family. * Hell's Kitchen (8/7 CT Fox)''' After only a two-month hiatus, Gordo is back with a new batch of aspiring culinary superstars. And you're invited back for seconds tonight: The season opener is a two-hour seating. Not that you'd want to eat the frozen salmon, soggy pasta or rock-hard brussels sprouts they dish up. And don't forget the antacid: Ramsay gives his carotid artery quite a workout tonight (even for him!) and he gets as good as he gives. As he told reporters last week, these chefs can behave "like petulant teenagers." * Rescue Me (10/9 CT FX ) Remember Tommy's brawl with a politician at a firefighter's memorial last week? It catches up with him and also spotlights his return to drinking, which has met with disapproval all season long from Father Mickey, not to mention Tommy's dead relatives, who have been turning up in Mike's bar with disturbing frequency (and without notable success) in efforts to get him to stop. Tonight, the living relatives stage a Team Gavin intervention. Let's see if they can do any better. * The Colony (10:01/9:01 CT Discovery Channel) From Mel Gibson's Mad Max days to author Cormac McCarthy's The Road, people have wondered how the human race would fare in a post-apocalyptic world. In the debut of this reality series, ten volunteers hole up in a Los Angeles warehouse to see if they can carry on after a hypothetical global disaster changes the rules of this game called life. * NYC Prep (9/8 CT Bravo ) What does the future hold for our privileged prepsters? It's likely so bright, they've got to wear shades. (It tends to get brighter when one is well-connected, well-financed and well-tended.) Tonight the students focus on their futures: Kelli gets in tune, connecting with a voice coach in an effort to add zip to her singing career; Taylor tries to balance dating, school and dance; and Jessie has big designs on a fashion career. We then turn to a bored and jaded PC, who finally snaps to when he scores a photography gig and lands before the camera, sans shirt. Source Here

NYC Prep, Episode 6: "The Overachievers" - Preview

The idea of life after high school is becoming less of an elusive dream and more of a hard reality for our controversial Upper East Siders so it's only fitting that tonight's episode of NYC Prep is "all about the future." It seems that these students will do everything in their power to secure a good life after graduating high school. Find out more tonight at 9pm on Bravo . Last week on NYC Prep, Taylor made a big decision in choosing between Cole and Sebastian, while Camille hosted a dinner party where PC insulted Kelli and Jessie, and at the same time, Cole and Sebastian got their first face-to-face encounter. In the fifth episode of NYC Prep, everyone is pondering about college and what will happen after high school. Kelli decides to kick off her singing career and meets with a top voice coach in the city. Taylor, on the other hand, is still trying to juggle her love life with her studies, as well has her various dance classes. Meanwhile, Jessie sends out her resume to fashion designers and works on the benefit for Operation Smile. Camille, who desperately hopes to get into Harvard, attempts to get involved with Jessie's charity. Unfortunately, her dreams are quickly crushed as she starts insulting Jessie. And as everyone else is busy with school and extracurricular activities, PC is bored to death by his luxurious life. PC then goes to therapy where he realizes that he needs to do something productive and lands a photography internship. But what starts as a regular photo shoot turns into an outrageous adventure with PC in front of the camera and out of his shirt. If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now. Source Here

NYC Prep: Taylor Takes the Spotlight

If you've been following NYC Prep , you'd know that there are just a few standouts worth looking forward to in each episode. There's PC and Jessie, who may not be as pleasant as the others but are sure to bring life in every party. Then there's Taylor, a 15-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School who is the only cast member who does not attend a private high school. While she still navigates the elite high school social scene, she has that distinctive charm that separates her from the rest of the pack. After being caught in a love triangle with ex-boyfriend Cole and new love interest Sebastian, Taylor takes the spotlight yet again by making a somewhat surprising announcement during Camille's dinner party. Evidently, Taylor wants to be an elephant trainer, a revelation that got yet another boy's attention. "She stole the show [and PC's attention] when she announced that she wanted to be an elephant trainer, NYC producer Lenid Rolov said of Taylor on his Bravo blog." She said it very matter of fact without a hint of sarcasm, and much like the kids, I had no idea what to make of her proclamation...The truth is that our most vivid dreams eventually become reality and Taylor dares to dream some of the most vivid dreams of anyone I've ever known. This is surely a part of why Sebastian, Cole, and now PC are intrigued by Taylor and why she continues to impress and perplex me even now." For now, Taylor has seemingly found love in ex-boyfriend Cole. But how long will that last? And how complicated will it be if PC jumps in and attempts to steal her heart? Don't forget to catch the drama on NYC Prep every Tuesday at 9pm on Bravo . Source Here

Preview of NYC Prep, Episode 4: "The Virgin Talk"

It seems that things are getting just a little bit more intriguing on NYC Prep as the show puts the spotlight on Taylor, Sebastian and Cole. While there's nothing really special about the love triangle, Taylor's choice remains to be the burning question that lingers on viewers' mind each time they watch this docu-drama. When we last saw NYC Prep , our Upper East Siders celebrated Winter Break. Jessie went to Florida for vacation but couldn't stop thinking about PC, who was partying around in Cancun, Mexico. At the same time, Kelli went to the Hamptons to mourn a death, while Camille and Taylor stayed in the City. Cole, on the other hand, surprised Taylor after the holidays at her public school, and pressured her to make a decision. Viewers initially thought that Sebastian was going to be the show's resident heartbreaker but it appears that things have taken an unexpected turn. In tonight's episode called "The Virgin Talk," Taylor finally makes a crucial decision in choosing between Cole and Sebastian. Moreover, Camille decides that it's time to improve her social life by dating. She then presides over a dinner party that's filled with drama, specifically revolving around PC, whose charm may be fading too fast. Meanwhile, NYC Prep producer Lenid Rolov has decided to break his silence over the show's bad publicity. "I'm not really sure what to make of the reaction from the schools, parents, and press. The show has certainly hit a nerve and it feels good that people are watching and talking. I guess it would be nice for the articles to mention that these kids are also running charities that raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, are landing coveted internships, and are pursuing their dreams of attending Ivy Leagues and beyond. All this while dealing with the same pressures from friends and parents that all high school kids face. I am honestly extremely proud of the way the cast has been handling themselves since the show started airing and hope they continue to have fun and enjoy the ride," he wrote on his blog on Bravo. Source Here

'NYC Prep' Continues to Attract Bad Press

Just a couple of episodes in, NYC Prep has already earned quite a nasty reputation, especially among prep schoolers, their parents and reputable schools in Manhattan. The show that follows six teenagers as they attend weekend parties, shopping sprees, charity events and dinner parties as part of the elite high school scene has been described as "absolute garbage" and "like a bad Dynasty episode" Many other members of the New York City private school community have stated that the experiences shown on the show are not similar to how life actually is for most Upper East Siders. However, Liz Alderman, a supervising producer of NYC Prep, explains that the show is not about the schools and that the producers were careful not to mention their names. Evidently, the schools took care of that by releasing public statements. "It was our intention from the beginning to keep the schools out of it," Alderman said in a statement from her publicist. "So it's a little ironic that they succeeded in doing what we went to great pains to avoid." While all references to the names of the schools the students attend have been edited out by the producers, word has quickly surfaced they are the Nightingale-Bamford School, the Dwight School, the Birch Wathen Lenox School, the Ross School in East Hampton, and Stuyvesant High School, the only public school on the list. Meanwhile the private schools' administrators have made their disappointment public. "The Nightingale-Bamford School has no affiliation with the Bravo television program 'NYC Prep,' and we strongly disagree with how it seeks to portray independent school students in New York," Sue Mathews, the director of institutional advancement, said in a statement. "One of our students decided to participate in the show without consulting Nightingale's administrators." Stephen H. Spahn, the chancellor of Dwight, followed up with a statement of his own, saying in part, "We always counsel our students to avoid such opportunities, as they usually reflect wrong-headed stereotypes." Source here

Preview of Episode 3 "What Happens in Mexico..."

It's Winter Break in New York City and that means more parties for Manhattan's elite. So far, we've already witnessed the clubbing, dining and dating habits of the six prep school teenagers but we'll get to know them even better in the third episode of NYC Prep . Last week on NYC Prep, Jessie's best friend Zoe celebrated her 18th birthday --- a party that was pretty much the talk of the town. However, when Jessie asked for PC's help with the exclusive Operation Smile charity event, sparks started to fly. PC then decided to skip Zoe's bash and go on a blind date that ended up taking an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Camille witnessed a love triangle blossomed in front of her. Sebastian, on the other hand, thought that he's the king of Zoe's party as he pursued both Kelli and Taylor. But the tables were turned when Taylor's ex-boyfriend Cole arrived and cramped his style. Tonight, the drama continues as Jessie vacations in Florida. She's bound to have lots of fun --- the only problem is that she can't stop thinking about PC, who is partying around in Cancun, Mexico. Meanwhile, Kelli goes to the Hamptons to mourn a death; and Camille and Taylor remain in the City. After the holidays, Cole surprises Taylor at her public school and pressures her to make a decision. Who will she choose? Find out tonight at 9pm on Bravo . Meanwhile, NYC Prep is already no stranger to bad press. The show continues to garner negative criticisms while still intriguing viewers week after week with all the drama surrounding Manhattan's elite high school scene. Source Here