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Oh! Edo Rocket Season 1 Part 2 Anime DVD Review

The first installment of Oh! Edo Rocket left me feeling rather unsure about the whole endeavour. The mixture of the row houses and the time period with science fiction elements isn't bad, but it lacked a sort of consistency to it to make it feel natural. With it mixing in the comedy to it, it allowed them to do whatever they wanted. The first half played fairly loose with things because it also had a rather serious side to it at times which felt like an odd transition. That happens as well here, such as a bit of an uplifting scene that leads to a couple of workers happily pissing into the river only to have the Blue Sky Beast lunge out and rip them to shreds. While the first set moved between the two in a fairly awkward manner, this set spends a lot of its time on the serious side. So much so that it felt like a different show at times because it tried to move into a bit of depth with them and the motivations, such as Gin who now finds himself working and leading the Men in Black and having to do things that goes against how he feels about his friends in the row houses. Events pick up significantly when it comes to the Blue Sky Beast and Akai's relationship with it, or more specifically her, as we learn that certain situations can lead to these aliens splitting into separate bodies. While the Beast causes trouble, it can literally separate from the woman Akai is living with that he names Yu, who starts to soften a bit as he falls for him. Read More

Oh! Edo Rocket Season 1 Part 1 Anime DVD Review

Oh! Edo Rocket is certainly an odd duck in its source material for an anime series as it was originally a stage play. Bringing it into anime form, and obviously expanding on it and changing it up is not what you'd normally expect but for the most part it works. The twenty-six episode series, the first thirteen of which are in this set, has Madhouse bringing its considerable skills to the fore to make it work. Unfortunately, the show reminded me more of Clockwork Fighters from BONES in that it's playing with an older time period with a comedic bent that just doesn't click well. A lot of what we get here feels rather well worn at this point and it lacks that extra something to make it stand above other efforts of a similar vein. Taking place in the middle of the 19 th century during the Tenpo era, Oh! Edo Rocket puts us firmly in the row houses of Edo where life is hard. The reforms that have been enacted have crushed the citizenry pretty well and many things are off limits. Life is hard and the people have little unless they were already in a position of power. The show has a very ensemble cast feeling to it but it does narrow down to focus on a few characters. The heart of the series comes in the form of Seikichi, a young man living in the row houses who dreams of making the best fireworks ever and inspiring everyone around him. Unfortunately, making such things is illegal now so he's had his dream stolen from him. He's still intent on making them though and avoiding those that will cause him trouble. Where his life goes pear-shaped is when he runs into a beautiful girl named Sora who seemingly moves in with him without him realizing it. As it turns out, she's actually an alien from another world and she's hoping he can build her a ship to take her back to the moon as her craft has been destroyed. Sora's come to Earth to capture and stop the threat of another of her kind, termed a Sky Beast as they're able to take on a more creature-like form. Through various encounters, as Sora and Seikichi focus on the goal of getting her back home, an understanding comes of what Sora is there to do and why she cannot return until it has been done. Her need to capture this other Sky Beast, which has set itself to various pieces across the area, is what dominates her at the moment. But she does work with Seikichi to get him to use his fireworks and engineering basics to build various prototypes to help get her to the moon. Source Here: //