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Olive Kitteridge Review: Frances McDormand Battles Small-Town Saps in HBO's Gloriously Flinty Mini

Olive Kitteridge is as flinty, and gloriously thorny, as the title character: HBO's miniseries adaptation starring Frances McDormand doesn't coddle the audience any more than Olive would, unfolding at its own pace, character flaws resolutely on display. It starts, forebodingly enough, with a suicidal episode before flashing back 25 years. Olive, improbably nicknamed Ollie, as in rhymes with jolly, is a depressive teacher in coastal Maine with a caustic way about her. Prone to truth telling and cutting candor, she's not exactly warm, as one character commiserates to her daughter-in-law mid-way through the decades-spanning adaptation, airing in two installments on subsequent nights.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/olive-kitteridge-review-frances-mcdormand-battles-small-town-saps-in-hbos-gloriously-flinty-mini/