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Season 2009

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Season 2009


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  • 21 episodes
    21 episodes
    • s2009e46Looking back on 2009 plus Sexy Tech annouced
    • s2009e45On location at HiTech Tattoos
    • s2009e44Of mic flashes, CES 2010 coverage and gadget gift guides upcoming
    • s2009e42OnDeck with OnStar in Detroit, Motor City
    • s2009e41The latest news from butterscotch
    • s2009e40Big Pimpin
    • s2009e38Bon voyage Matt, salut new shows
    • s2009e36Gadget TV On Deck
    • s2009e35At the Wii Sports Resort launch
    • s2009e33Lab Rats
    • s2009e32The Lab Rats On Deck at the Personal Computer Museum
    • s2009e31Paying off a debt to Little Geeks
    • s2009e30Joshua Jackson at the Rogers Wireless Android launch
    • s2009e29Sean Carruthers talking tech on deck
    • s2009e28Talking Gadget TV and tags On Deck
    • s2009e27Chatting with Kate Abraham
    • s2009e26Making a Mess with the Lab Rats