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10 Burning Questions From Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 6: “Tallahassee”

We love all of Once Upon a Time’s many, many mysteries, but sometimes it seems like each episode introduces more questions than it answers. To that end, we’ve tackled the ten biggest head-scratchers from this week’s episode in order to make sense of everything that happened. Here are ten questions from Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee." 1. Is Neal Cassady actually Baelfire? Neal (Michael Raymond-James) has to be Baelfire, right? We learn so little about... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/pksdbPuG-xU/10-burning-questions-from-once-upon-a-time-season-2-episode-6-tallahassee

Once Upon a Time Spoiler: Will Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin Meet Again in Storybrooke?

After the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee"), in which Emma (Jennifer Morrison) trapped Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) in the Giant’s beanstalk, it looks like Emma is planning on getting back to Storybrooke without him. But a new spoiler indicates that her plans may not work out that way. Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here. Colin O’Donoghue recently... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/q7DlAoqHy9k/once-upon-a-time-spoiler-will-captain-hook-and-rumplestiltskin-meet-again-in-storybrooke

Once Upon a Time Surprise Twist! Emma and Neal’s Shocking Backstory With [SPOILER]

On Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee," we learn the shocking history of Emma, the Mystery Man, and August Booth/Pinocchio (Eion Bailey), all of whom found themselves in a very strange situation 11 years ago in Portland, Oregon.   Warning: This post contains spoilers from OUAT Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee." For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here. After she and new love, fellow car thief Neal Cassidy, aka the... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/SrkcUkqfcx4/once-upon-a-time-surprise-twist-emma-and-neals-shocking-backstory-with-spoiler

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 6 “Tallahassee’

Once Upon a Time  "Tallahassee" Season 2 episode 6  airs Sunday Nov 4, 2012 at 8pm on ABC. Synopsis:  With the hopes of finding a magical compass that could help  her and Mary Margaret get back to Storybrooke, Emma takes a journey with a not-too-trustworthy Captain Hook up a treacherous beanstalk in an attempt to steal the item from a murderous giant (Jorge Garcia, "Lost"). Meanwhile, Emma’s past is revealed to be anything but magical when she meets up with a fellow thief who wants to make an honest woman out of her, on "Once Upon a Time," SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/11/04/once-upon-a-time-season-2-episode-6-tallahassee/

Once Upon a Time's Trip to the Past Helps with Emma's Giant Predicament

We've seen Once Upon a Time travel to many lands, both magical and real world, but this Sunday the ABC fairy tale drama will venture somewhere it's never gone before: Into Emma's past! This week's Once will travel back to when Emma ( Jennifer Morrison ) was vulnerable and wide-eyed, attempting to make it on her own as an adult for the first time. "You really get to see the difference of where she was at 10 years ago as opposed to now," Morrison tells TVGuide.com, explaining that at 18, though damaged, Emma still had hope that life could change after being raised in the foster care system. "By the time we meet her on her 28th birthday in the pilot of Once , she...  //www.tvguide.com/News/Once-Upon-Time-Jennifer-Morrison-1055493.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Once Upon a Time Spoiler: Will Emma Ever Meet Henry's Dad Again?

One of the most mysterious characters on Once Upon a Time is Henry's (Jared Gilmore) MIA dad. During Season 1 Emma (Jennifer Morrison) described him to Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) in a less-than-flattering way, and ever since then we've been dying to know more about him. It sounds like we'll find out more about him in the Emma flashback portions of Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee." But while flashbacks are good, present day stories are just as juicy. Will Emma ever run... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/WkknZ0M1jBc/once-upon-a-time-spoiler-will-emma-ever-meet-henrys-dad-again

Once Upon a Time Spoiler: How Long Will the Giant Stick Around?

Jorge Garcia hasn't even appeared yet on Once Upon a Time Season 2, but we can already look forward to seeing him again. He plays the mean (but not green) Giant that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) encounter when they climb the beanstalk on this Sunday's Episode 6. Jorge told Zap2it he got word from The Powers That Be that they want to bring him back to the show in about a month, for at least one more episode. It sounds like the Lost veteran is looking... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/FWl5ZNUjvfU/once-upon-a-time-spoiler-how-long-will-the-giant-stick-around

Once Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 6 Spoiler: Captain Hook Wants the “Magic Compass”

On the next episode of Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 6: "Tallahassee", airing November 4), we know that Emma (Jennifer Morrison) will be trying to locate a special compass. But until we saw this sneak peek, we didn’t understand why it’s so important, and how exactly she’ll get it. Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here. Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek from the Emma-centric episode,... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/EmqzYeeFDvc/once-upon-a-time-season-2-episode-6-spoiler-captain-hook-wants-the-magic-compass

Once Upon a Time Spoiler: When Will We Travel to Neverland?

Many Once Upon a Time fans are loving every single scene with the sexy and possibly evil Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) this season. But with the introduction to Hook, viewers have been wondering if Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are next. Read spoilers at your own risk! For more on Wetpaint Entertainment's philosophy on spoilers, click here. According to a new spoiler from E!, we won’t be meeting Peter or Tinkerbell any time soon. Colin O’Donoghue says that the cast and crew... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/RDjvuFQdsZM/once-upon-a-time-spoiler-when-will-we-travel-to-neverland

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Spoiler: What "Great Risk" Does Snow and Charming Take?

Many fans of the Charming family have mixed feelings about Mary Margaret/Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) being stuck in Fairytale Land during Once Upon a Time Season 2. On one hand, mother-daughter bonding, awesome! On the other hand, the lack of present-day Snow/Charming (Josh Dallas) scenes is sad. Will these lovers get back in touch sometime soon? A new spoiler from TV Guide sheds some light on the situation. Read... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/L5J2-DlQyY0/once-upon-a-time-season-2-spoiler-what-great-risk-does-snow-and-charming-take