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Recap One Life To Live: Wed, January 12, 2011

At the hospital Jessica and Brody sit with their son and count his wee ten fingers and his wee ten toes and nibble on his cheeks. They are so relieved that he's okay -- for now -- and we're thrilled that it's a boy for Jessica, who had three girls. Brody and Jessica can't wait to introduce him to Bree and gush how lucky they are. After some more cooing, they decide to invite the grandparents in for a meet and greet.  Down the hall Natalie and John do some cooing over their baby boy. They don't have a name for him yet as John wants to know what led Natalie to give birth in the Buchanan Lodge with Marty of all people helping her. Before Natalie can tell John the truth -- and it really looks like she was ready to confess everything -- Marty bursts in, hysterical. Somehow she managed to get out of her hospital room and find Natalie's room, believing that Natalie's baby is hers. She orders John to take the baby away from Natalie and that Natalie knocked her unconscious and dragged her to the cabin where she planned to abandon her! A doctor and guard arrive to sedate Marty, who struggles and screams that Natalie doesn't get to keep both the baby and John. Troubled John returns to Natalie; she needs to tell him exactly what happened -- now. Instead of admitting the truth Natalie wimps out and says that she went into labor at the courthouse. Marty drove past the hospital's exit and that's how they ended up at the cabin. Hmm ... John buys this story for now and looks tenderly at his son. He tells Natalie they are now a family and no one can take that away from them.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Tue, January 11, 2011

John arrives at the Buchanan Lodge to find Natalie writhing in pain and Marty delivering Natalie's baby. John kneels beside Natalie as Marty holds the baby up. It's a boy! Natalie and John lock eyes smiling as Marty announces again that she and John have a baby boy! (Huh?) John exchanges a nervous look with Natalie when Marty babbles that she and the baby survived the fall down the stairs and Natalie helped her deliver the baby! See, everything worked out the way it is supposed to! John gingerly takes the baby from Marty and calls 9-1-1. He loads Natalie and the baby into the ambulance and takes Marty to the hospital in his car. Along the way it's clear Marty has lost touch with reality. She gushes about their beautiful baby boy and repeatedly asks to see "her" child while resting in her hospital room.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Mon, January 10, 2011

At the Buchanan Lodge Marty gets ready to abandon Natalie as Natalie screams in pain. Her baby could die if Marty leaves them here! Marty wishes Natalie luck and turns, but when she hears Natalie scream again, she has a change of heart. She doesn't want the baby to suffer, but this doesn't mean she plans to make Natalie more comfortable. Marty kneels in front of Natalie as Natalie begs her to take her to the hospital. Marty shakes her head. There is no time. The baby is coming NOW! Marty orders Natalie to push, but quickly realizes there is something wrong. As Natalie writhes in pain, Marty announces that the baby is breech. Natalie gasps; do whatever it takes to help the baby! Marty looks grim as she proceeds to pull the baby's feet down to deliver it, which we hear is pretty high on the pain scale.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Fri, January 07, 2011

At the Buchanan Lodge, where Natalie plans to abandon Marty just long enough to give Natalie time to tell John that her baby is Brody's, Natalie is hit with waves of pain. Marty tries to help, but Natalie orders her to stay back. Determined to leave, Natalie tries to walk out the door but is hit with another wave of pain. OMG, her water just broke! Marty realizes Natalie is in labor and grabs Natalie's bag and shotgun. C'mon, she will drive Natalie to the hospital. Suddenly Marty realizes the irony of the situation and changes her mind. She takes Natalie shoes and coat with intent of abandoning Natalie in the same way Natalie had planned to leave her. Natalie gasps in pain as she pleads with Marty to help her. She reminds Marty that it wasn't her fault that Cole went to prison or that Marty lost her baby, but Marty doesn't care. Triumphantly she tells Natalie that she will tell John about Natalie's baby; it's too bad that Natalie overplayed her hand. Good luck delivering that baby alone. Ta-ta!  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Thu, January 06, 2011

At La Boulaie Blair hesitates before opening Elijah's box. Cristian encourages her, saying he will be here with her. Who knows what could be in that box? Maybe it's hope for the future, but Blair won't know until she opens it! So Blair tries to pry it open, but it's stuck. Cristian jimmies it open and they find an oil painting of Blair rolled up inside. A careful inspection of the painting reveals it was completed in 2003, which is strange since Blair met Elijah a year and a half ago.  In the hallway Dorian is startled when she receives a call from David. David tells her that he never stopped loving her, but Dorian insists she has moved on. When David admits he is in jail, Dorian assumes he is calling for bail money and hangs up on him!  Downstairs Starr invites James in. He wants to talk to her -- about their New Year's Eve kiss. Starr looks hopeful for a nanosecond but is crushed when James says that he needs to date other people. He knows Starr isn't available and he didn't mean to encroach on her relationship with Cole. Starr tries to smile brightly as she encourages James to see other people. Later Dorian sees James and mistakenly thinks Starr is moving on from Cole. Starr corrects Dorian; she could never abandon Cole in his time of need. She only kissed James because she was lonely. Dorian looks at Starr; so James could've been anybody then? Starr nods, but we see she is on the verge of tears. Meanwhile James runs into a classmate named Michelle in outside of the diner. She asks him to get hot chocolate and James accepts.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Wed, January 05, 2011

At La Boulaie Blair wakes up naked in bed, which wouldn't be a problem if she were alone. She turns to see Cristian beside her, also naked. (Why, hello there!) Cristian wakes up, also, shocked and a little amused. Did they ... have sex? As both Blair and Cristian struggle to remember the night's events, there's a knock at the door. Yoo-hoo, it's Dorian -- holding Elijah's box!  Downstairs Langston urges Dorian to leave David in 2010 and find someone new to love in 2011. Langston's words hit Starr as Dorian agrees to move on. She also suggests that Langston take her own advice and dump Ford and move on with someone new. After Dorian heads upstairs to wake Blair, Langston asks Starr what happened between her and James on New Year's Eve. Starr reveals that she and James kissed. In fact she likes kissing James, but still loves Cole. Langston advises Starr to stop torturing herself like this. Starr turns the tables; what happened between Langston and Ford? Langston admits she and Ford almost had sex, but didn't. Instead she agreed to wait until Valentine's Day instead of the spring.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Tue, January 04, 2011

Rex and Gigi try to get some sleep, but Rex can't thanks to David's "Have a Seat" hemorrhoid commercial on TV. Rex finally falls asleep, but because he's so wracked with guilt, Rex imagines David accusing him of leaving him to rot in a Moroccan prison for money. Rex argues that it's more complicated than that, but he still can't shake the guilt especially when David mentions Bo's name. Rex finally can't take it anymore and starts screaming, which wakes Gigi. When Gigi asks what's wrong, Rex covers, saying it was a bad dream. Hey, did he ever tell her how much he loves her and their son?  Meanwhile David speaks longingly to a stick sketch of Dorian on his prison wall. He vows to return to her and hopes that someone will realize that Clint framed him and sent him to Morocco. David then pulls out a spoon and resumes digging his way out -- one teaspoon a day--but a guard arrives and catches him. Fearful that the guard will hurt him, David begins yelling but the guard merely calls the Buchanan mansion.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Mon, January 03, 2011

As everyone counts the seconds to midnight, Blair pulls Cristian into a hot lip-lock while Kelly and Joey hug awkwardly, their lips inches from each other. They pull away to watch Blair and Cristian. Joey thinks this means Cristian's engagement to Layla is off while Kelly says it's just a kiss. The conversation takes a bad turn when Kelly casually questions Aubrey's past; just how well does Joey know Aubrey? Joey groans, saying Clint is on his case because Clint believes that Aubrey is a gold-digger.  Rex and Gigi also kiss, pledging to love each other more in 2011 than they did in 2010. He kills the romantic mood when he notices that Marty has left. Gigi thinks Marty wouldn't bust up Natalie and John's wedding; that would be so low! Rex chuckles; Gigi is one to talk about busting weddings! Gigi blushes. Oh, yeah. She forgot about interrupting Rex's wedding to Adriana. Kelly interrupts Rex and Gigi, asking if he can break into Aubrey's room again. She was acting so suspicious tonight and time is of the essence! Rex reminds Kelly that he is on a date—and off the clock tonight. Gigi asks Kelly to back off, even when Kelly offers to send them on an all-expensive paid vacation. Joey returns and asks what's going on. Is Rex snooping in hotel rooms again? Gigi covers, saying Snoop Dogg taught Rex a new dance called the "Snoop," which Rex painfully demonstrates.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live:

It is New Year's Eve and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit except for Langston and Starr, despite wearing silly 2011 glasses and snapping photos with their phone. Starr busts Langston; she doesn't want to be home with her anymore than she wants to be here. So why aren't they out with their respective friends who are boys? Langston admits she doesn't want to be with Ford because of the whole sex thing and Starr doesn't trust herself around James during such an exciting holiday. Starr encourages Langston to go for it with Ford because you never know when it will be taken away.  Ford and James are starting the new year on a glum note, too. They enter Capricorn as James whines that Ford didn't have to come out with him tonight. Ford says that Langston is home with Starr and he didn't want James to be alone. Ford order some drinks, but when he notices that James is still really depressed, James admits that he can't stop thinking about Nate. So they head to the prison to be with their brother.  Read More... //

Recap One Life To Live: Tue, December 28, 2010

At the hospital Natalie, Brody and Jessica are astonished when John suggests he and Natalie get married tonight before a judge. As Jessica warns them there is a three-day waiting period, Marty enters. We're surprised the death glares emanating from her eyes don't decimate the foursome immediately. Brody thinks that the judge will waive the waiting period and goes to call the county clerk. Thrilled Natalie asks Jessica to be her maid of honor and wonders what to wear as Marty approaches. Natalie watches nervously as John attempts to tell Marty about his engagement. Marty snaps that she already knows and exerts herself to compliment Natalie on her ring. Jessica thanks Marty for being so nice, but later we learn the reason why: Marty intends to keep her promise not to tell John about Natalie and Brody's one-night stand. However, she didn't promise to keep that from Jessica!  Read More... //