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One Piece - Season 10 - Episode 456 - Review: "The Friends' Whereabouts! The Giant Gravest... "

When it comes to stories that stretch things out a bit, whether intentional or not, it can go a lot of ways. With One Piece, having just watched a huge chunk of filler style episodes around the end of the "second voyage" season and seeing the awful material recently for just before the movie release last year, I was definitely leery of what we'd get for this phase of the series. I do like the overall concept, unlike last years movie filler, where we get to see what everyone else is up to while Luffy has been on his big prison busting adventure. Some of it has been decent but most of it has been really mediocre at best where it just wants to do something simple, funny and weird. It usually succeeds on the first but less so on the second and third depending on familiarity with character, setting and so forth. With the focus on returning to the Sabaody Archipelago so they can all meet up again per Luffy's direction, Zoro's managing to get himself out of the control of one particularly cute but odd woman named Perona who came onto the show in an area I haven't seen yet. She and Zoro certainly have an odd relationship where she's basically treating him as a prisoner of sorts but ends up being more under his thumb once he gets his swords back. Zoro's intent on getting back to everyone else while increasing his skills since they had problems previously where their opponents were stronger than they could deal with. Having note seen Zoro since the end of the second season of the series, about three hundred episodes ago, it's interesting to see the minor changes to him where he definitely looks a bit older and more mature while also not being quite so reckless in a way. Read More Click Me!