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i can't watch the one tree hill ..........how can watch



Season 6 Episode 1 - this is how i feel, what about you?

Crazy nanny carrie (aka new psycho derek) should just die! this is becomin more soap operah!!! skillz and deb are hot togethere. mouth shouldn't leave!!! Naley are getting boring and so is their son. they should have more layin in bed and kissin scenes like before. (scary how nanny carrie has some sort of weird crush on jamie). nice to see peyton happy again but do really think that's gonna stay for long? overall OK.

OTH Recap: Touch Me I'm Going to Scream (Season Premiere)

The One Tree Hill Season Premiere Recap in 30 seconds or less: Spoilers included Lucas: Chooses Brooke. Psych! Chooses Peyton. Psych! Chooses Lindsay. Psych! But for real... Chooses Peyton. Honestly, was there ever any doubt? Peyton: Smiles (uncharacteristically). I'm pretty sure her only lines of the evening were along the lines of "I love you Lucas" and "I'm so happy." For now, Peyton, for now... Brooke: Hates her mother. Tells her. Gets attacked (and there best be no rape). Nathan and Haley: Nathan: I'm good at basketball again (but not really). Haley: I'm recording lots of music (but not really). Nathan and Haley: We love each other again. Yay! Jamie: Acts cute (cue the Flo Rida) The Dan Subplot: This one is straight out a Stephen King novel (seriously, see Misery , where a crazy woman also imprisons a man in the middle of nowhere after a car accident and tortures him ) and quite frankly does not belong in One Tree Hill . This whole crazy nanny Carrie bit needs to be done with. Those scenes were in no way pleasurable. Other People: Skillz and Deb are still...getting friendly. Mouth and Millicent leave (forever?). So...what did everyone think of the season premiere?

Lucas chooses

I have a strong feeling that its peyton coz... 1) The woman who plays Lindsey (i forgot her name) got another job on another tv show (SVU i think) so she wont be around much for oth =)) 2) Brooke wouldnt do that to peyton and Lucas knows that. Lucas and Brooke are great friends and Lucas knows that. I think that it's probably Peyton. *SPOILER* I saw some spoiler pictures on youtube that shows Lucas kissing Peyton at the airport.

Spoilers As I Have Recieved Them

Hello everyone, i am from the UK so although i am a big OTH fan i can't watch the episodes live on TV (on CW) and like so many other will either have to wait until 2009 when it airs on E4 in england or for it to come out on sidereel (from what i have heard sidereel keep the site updated regularly and for us british we can watch it soon after the americans. The highlights: 1. Nanny Carrie and Dan are both back (why Carrie - WHY???!!!??). 2. Deb is playing a bigger role this season. 3. The first episode has Lucas imagining life with all three women, but in the end he chooses Peyton. 4. Lucas and Peyton go to Vegas but they don't get married. 5. There is a new character named Sam who is a 15 year old foster child. She apparently shoplifts a sweater from C/B. 6. C/B gets robbed and it is suggested that Brooke gets beat up in the process. I am assuming this is what triggers the "dark place" that Kristen spoke about. 7. As mentioned in the previous thread, it is suggested that Quentin gets shot and dies. this information has come form two different sites who both said pretty much the same theing soo... lets speculate! oh and sidereel try and get those episodes up quick (y)

my theory

I think that it is probably Lindsey becoz Peyton n Brooke had other reasons 2 expect calls. Peyton from Mia about that guy ( who I guess is her dad) Brooke that Angie got home okay But I can't wait to see who it is xxx

Lucas chooses **Spoiler Speculation**

i found that it says on this website of spoilers that lucas rings peyton n they run of to vegas to get married, but then says at the bottom theyve filmed 3 things with each of them... dont make sence, they say its peyton then its not:S:S... x

Season 6

Has anyone read the summary on 6x1 ans 6x2 they both dont mension Peyton or Linsey but they both mension Brooke in Clothes Over Bro's and it says that a couple are indeed to get married but it doesnt say who.. Any ideas... I know in America that the season starts tomorrow night...So i was wondering if someone could post me a comment to tell me wat happens and who Lucas chooses cuz i cant wait any longer...And wen will the first episode of season 6 be on Sidereel.... Thanks Guys...xx

season starting in 3 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is anyone as excited as me when it comes to the season premiere of OTH. I'm so excited i could pee myself. they left the season 5 finale just so nail biting and trust i still have no nails making it painful to type but that is besides the point. the point is who hite dan? who did lucas choose? does dan live?(hope not) does nanny carrie really return?(hope not because i hate her) does jake return?( hope he does because i love jenny) what's happening between mouth and millicent? will we be at their weddings next after lucas'? good grieve this is so exciting/nerve pounding/ amazing/ basically all that a OTH fan could hope for. so to you OTH fans like me write and tell me what you think and say if you are excited as me!!!!!!!