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Q's death is so abrupt and unneccesary. Why did they kill him off? - and where did Mia go? She has such an amazing voice! Can't wait to hear more of her songs again


why did Q die? how can that happen we were just gettin to know him? i hope no1 else dies.

soap opera

when did this show become such a ridiculous soap opera? i used to adore this show and now its just ok bordering on the the unwatchable... i'm hoping the weeks to come get better

the best

this is definately my favourite show of ALL time.. i love it.. it makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it makes me wish all guys were like that sometimes:) i just love it.. its amazing, and to add nathan is f-ing hott!!

Recap: One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning

And here it is...your weekly One Tree Hill recap (spoilers included): Lucas and Peyton: Have sex in Vegas. Return to Tree Hill. Peyton packs. Have sex in Tree Hill. Also, do these two have jobs? They seriously seem to have little regard for them. I get that they're so in love, but how are they paying the bills? Skillz and Deb: Have sex. Have a serious, meaningful conversation. More sex. Brooke: Recipient of the award for best-makeup of the evening. She looked awful! Acts sad. Acts vulnerable. Acts sad. Starts firing a gun. This so isn't going to end well...*** ***This entire Brooke-storyline is all too reminiscent for me of the original Beverly Hills 90210. In that, Kelly Taylor (outside of her clothing boutique, no less) was attacked, got a gun and ultimately killed her attacker. See where this is going? Peyton: Is a pretty dense friend. Brooke's injuries - particularly the hand prints all over her neck and arms- so clearly did not come from falling down the stairs. Haley/Nathan/Jamie: Nathan plays basketball with Q. Haley tutors Q. Q loves learning now! Haley and Jamie make a cape for Q. Why is Q getting so much attention today? Is this a bad omen...? Nanny Carrie and Dan: I'm just going to pretend that these scenes were not even in the episode. Especially when Nanny Carrie served Dan the cockroach porridge. *Shudder* Mouth and Millicent: MIA for now. But don't worry, they'll be back . And last but not least...Q: Poor Quentin. I seriously knew that things were going too well for the kid. All of a sudden he's such a nice, stand-up guy. He even likes school now! Clearly he has to get shot. But maybe he won't die??? Except that he does. How will the Ravens will any games this season? So...were you all as shocked as me to see the killing off of Q. Did you care?

The Best Show!

I think the shows getting good. I cant wait to see what happens with Dan and the phsyco nanny!! And duh Lucas chose Peyton....thats his high school love! And I think Brooke will end up back with her x from high school. I cant wait to watch what happens with everyone tonight...specially with Brooke!