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Episode Recap: "Show Me How to Live"

In this episode of One Tree Hill , Brooke lets go of Sam, Peyton prepares for her child's future (without her in it), Nathan makes a sacrifice to benefit his team, and Skills finally gets his kiss from Jamie's teacher. In the wake of her baby shower, Peyton decides to make a video diary for her child in case she doesn't survive. Reminiscent of the Dawson's Creek series finale - in which Jen prepared a video for her daughter while on her deathbed - Peyton shares her words of wisdom and taste in music. She begins to talk about Lucas and can barely get her words out before he interrupts her and stops what she's doing. "We're not doing this...we're not doing anything just in case," Lucas says as he walks out of her bedroom. Sam's been seeing her birth mother, and as much as Brooke respects that, it's obvious Brooke is sad and scared to lose Sam. When Brooke asks Sam if she's ready to head to the baby shower, Sam talks about how her mom gave her up when she was just her age. As she stares at a picture of her mom's house, Sam asks Brooke if she can just meet her at Peyton's. When she finally shows, she's stunning in the dress Victoria picked out for her. After the baby shower filled with laughter and tears, Brooke returns home to her mother who has changed her tune about Sam. She now wants Brooke to let Sam spend time with her mom, but Brooke wants the opposite and pulls out the adoption papers. As Sam walks through the door, Brooke tells her she wants to make their family official. Sam agrees, but it's obvious she still yearns to be with her real mom. To Read More Click Here .