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One Tree Hill: Haley's Sister at a Crossroads

There's a bunch of people arriving in Tree Hill, including Haley's (Bethany Joy Galeotti) sister, Quinn James (Shantel Van Santen), whom you'll officially meet when One Tree Hill returns for its seventh season on September 14. Unlike other newcomers, however, Quinn comes with excess baggage. No, she doesn't have one of those unwanted babies tagging along, at least I don't think so. But she does have a lot of problems and unanswered questions in her life. Obviously, Quinn's solution is to come home to Tree Hill and be near her family. "She's definitely struggling, she got married very young...she's at a crossroads in her life where there's all these questions that arise like is my life going in the right direction? Is this what I want? Am I happy? She needs her sister," said Van Santen. While Quinn seems like a hot mess, don't think that she's bringing in nothing but trouble. She's actually going to serve as some sort of inspiration to some of the characters of One Tree Hill ---which might be a refreshing turn from the series' usual dramatic plot. "She's traveled and found her passion and been fortunate enough to have these amazing experiences that she'll share with the audience and with her sister as well," she said. "Quinn's story is so human and a lot of the struggles she's gone through a lot of people can emphasize and sympathize with and have gone through or are going through or will go through." Quinn will surely be sharing a lot of scenes with sister Haley but expect her to bump into Brooke (Sophia Bush), among others. "She'll have some opportunities to work with Brooke as well and her new clothing line so it's a good transition for her to come home and feel inspired again and to work and be around her family and where she grew up," said Van Santen. Source Here

Behind-the-Scenes of 'One Tree Hill' Season 7

" One Tree Hill " cast take viewers behind the scenes for a quick tour of their filming day. Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols summarized what they have done in L.A. Beach set and how it will contribute to the story. Nichols spilled that Brooke comes into L.A. just to tell Julian that she loves her. Bush added that complications are still entailing the relationship although it may seem to be a happy ending. In fact, the scene that Bush and Nichols have shot will be included in the September 14 premiere. It pays a homage to movie classic "From Here to Eternity" where two lovebirds lie on the beach sand and make out whilst the waves sweep them over. The other featurette which is released is Robert Buckley's first day of work. Creator Mark Schwahn gives an introduction into the actor and his character as Nathan's new sports agent. "One down. Emotionally crippled, physically exhausted. I got a lot of grief from Mark Schwahn and the rest of the crew," Buckley admitted after shooting. There is additionally a glimpse of Shantel VanSanten who will play Haley's sister in the series. Source & Videos

Season Seven First four minutes

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One Tree Hill Season Seven - First Look

The first pictures of the One Tree Hill Season Seven premiere episode are out. They look superb. Check them out here .