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One Tree Hill: Sneak Peek of Episode 7.8 "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight"

It's time for Nathan to take a break and move on from all the sex scandal and bad publicity in "I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight," the eighth episode of One Tree Hill 's seventh season. And there's no better way to relax than to spend some quality time with his son Jamie outdoors. Unfortunately, the boys' camping trip hits a snag when Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Brooke (Sophia Bush) suggest that they include Julian (Austin Nichols). Julian, of course, is not so pleased with the idea of spending the night outdoors with a bunch of guys he doesn't really know, while Nathan (James Lafferty) and even Jamie's friend, Chuck, are just as reluctant to invite Julian along. It gets even worse as Skills spills Brooke's dirty secret, which involves Nathan, to Julian while Nathan is still sitting around the camp fire. Elsewhere, Brooke and Haley are doing a little bonding of their own. Their idea of fun, though, involves a psychic and indulging in some pot-brownies. Clay (Robert Buckley), on the other hand, is still struggling to get past the death of his girlfriend Sara. He's obviously feeling something for Quinn (Shantel VanSanten) but is worried that letting her into his life would mean completely losing the memory of Sara. Will Clay finally be able to let go of Sara with the help of Quinn tonight? Meanwhile, Sara isn't the only one haunting One Tree Hill this Halloween because Dan (Paul Johannson)and Rachel's (guest star Danneel Harris) past also catches up to haunt them. Source Here

'One Tree Hill' 7.08 Gets a New Clip

A new preview to " One Tree Hill " is released along with an insight from creator Mark Schwahn. The clip takes the scene when Haley and Brooke prepare meals and clothes for their men to go on a camping trip. Nathan and Julian are reluctant to go particularly because they are not used to hang out together. In the synopsis, it is revealed that Julian agrees to a weekend camping trip but struggles to fit in with Nathan and the guys. Schwahn said that Terrence Coli wrote the episode so it can be expected that it would be "whimsical". Back in Tree Hill, Brooke, Quinn and Haley spend Girl's Night doing a little bonding of their own. Schwahn said they are not going to do a special episode for Halloween festivity but there is still a spooky element involving the girls. They are going to have pot brownies and a psychic coming to the house. "I (Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight" airs on Monday, November 2. Source & New Clip

'One Tree Hill' 7.08 Preview: I (Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight

It's men-only and girls night on " One Tree Hill " November 2 episode. Julian agrees to a weekend camping trip but struggles to fit in with Nathan and the guys. Back in Tree Hill, Brooke and Haley spend Girl's Night doing a little bonding of their own. Meanwhile, Quinn helps Clay come to terms with a tragic loss. And Dan and Rachel's (guest star Danneel Harris) past catches up to them. Called "I (Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight", the episode borrows its title from Cutting Crew's 1986 single. Announcing its November sweeps schedule, The CW unraveled that an episode will be directed by its star, Sophia Bush. "Now You Lift Your Eyes to the Sun" which airs on November 7 sees her character's romance with Julian in jeopardy. Bush is not the only star of the show that gets to direct an episode. Chad Michael Murray, before he was dismissed from the show last season, had often gone behind the lens. Source & Preview