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ONE TREE HILL “I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here” Review

ONE TREE HILL "I Thin I’m Gonna Like It Here" Season 8 Episode 16 – The girls of Tree Hill decide to throw Haley a baby shower for her soon to be baby girl, Lydia. However, they decide to make it a surprise which turns out to be a bigger feat than they thought. Meanwhile Clay and Nathan work hard to sign the younger Kellerman to Fortitude and Millie begins her new job, the one that Mouth wanted. It is never a good idea to throw a surprise baby shower. Surprise parties in general are hard to pull off. Add in a pregnant woman full of cravings, unexpected moods and ideas, and you have lost all control. In the end it worked out. That is, until Brooke’s potential birth mother arrived unannounced and recieved a surprise of her own. It is probably not a good idea to lie to a potential birth mother and paint such a perfect picture of your life that it is impossible to actually live it. Then, when the woman shows up on your doorstep as you are chugging a beer, it is probably not smart to invite her in to stay especially when you have not told your friends who she is or how important her opinion of you is. It was funny when Julian thought that it did not sound like it was so bad. Well, amost everyone there said they had been in jail, Brooke was outed as losing her company and being unemployed, her mother talked about prison, and their was drug talk. If not for Haley’s speech about Brooke saving Jamie’s life, I think Chloe would have run right out the door. Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/daemonstv/~3/WuYjgMynmTA/

One Tree Hill Review: Kids These Days...

One Tree Hill covered the idea of having children this week, along with the relationships these children then have with their parents. It wasn't as good as some recent episodes, but not nearly as bad as some earlier in the season. Let's start with Brooke and Julian, who were attempting to adopt a baby from a 19-year old pregnant woman played by Leven Rambin. Rambin seems to be in everything these days. After I first disliked her character in The Sarah Connor Chronicles , I proceeded to dislike her characters in Grey's Anatomy, the two episodes of Scoundrels I watched, and ,most recently, as a red head in Wizards of Waverly Place (yes, you read that correctly). I loved her on "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here," though, and not just because she ultimately decided to let Brooke and Julian adopt her baby. Her character, Chloe, seemed to have been through a lot, so her final speech to Brulian about why she chose to give them her baby felt really good. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/02/one-tree-hill-review-i-think-im-gonna-like-it-here/