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One Tree Hill Episode Recap: "Luck Be a Lady" Season 8, Episode 7

On this week's  One Tree Hill , Brooke attempts to bond with her future mother-in-law while Julian searches for his best man. But Julian isn't too much of a guy's guy, so the task proves to be harder than he thought. It's especially funny when he calls himself J-Man on the phone to Clay, and Clay has no idea it's him. Brooke and Sylvia head to a wedding expo, where their difference in taste becomes more apparent. Sparkles and a tiara are not for B. Davis. She calls on Haley to come help her out, but when Haley enjoys all the expo has to offer way too much (the champagne fountain really is a fountain of happiness), Brooke is left to fight the wedding battle all on her own. Luckily she gets Sylvia a bit liquored up and doesn't have to commit to any vendors on the spot. Alex has a few days off from her film and returns to Tree Hill to make things right with Chase. She doesn't have much luck, so she resorts to hanging with her only friend in town, Julian. Together, they come up with a plan for Julian to bond with the guys and decide on a poker night. Nathan is sent to Atlanta to try to nab his and Clay's first official client. But when the guy starts throwing out terms that Nate isn't familiar with, he leaves with a defeatist attitude. He tells Haley that he hasn't felt that dumb since high school, and at least back then, he could beat someone up to feel better. Haley, too, is feeling bad because earlier, Erin had finally called the crisis center, but Haley admitted she knew Erin's real identity. Hales was hoping to sign her as a new singer, but Erin hangs up at the thought that she's no longer anonymous. To Read More  Click Here.