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Ookami Kakushi Season 1 Episode 1 Review: Joga Town

With his first two series, Higurashi - When They Cry and then Umineko, Ryukishi07 has been making a name for himself by writing stories that combine impossibly cute with devastatingly disturbing. Unfortunately, that trend has been on an arguably downward spiral and Ookami Kakushi gets off to a slow start in bucking that trend. The first episode of Ookami Kakushi opens much the same way as previous titles; with a dark tone that segues into our primary story. Right away this series grabs audiences with its lead in before moving into its very bright and moe filled story. The episode then moves into its set up and once again, things go pretty much as you expect and that's where the issue lies: everything is set up just too perfectly. Seeing the events play out in the first episode, there's never a moment that ever feels unexpected or out of the blue: New town, new girl, dark character comes in, strange event, roll credits. To Read More Click Me!