Review of Opposite Worlds

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Opposite Worlds ran for 12 episodes over six weeks (two episodes per week), with the second weekly episode featuring a live element (a first for a Syfy reality series). In Opposite Worlds, 14 people from all walks of life face off in opposing teams that live in a house separated into two distinctly different worlds: one past and one future, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Adding to the drama is a glass wall dividing the house into the two environments, allowing the teams to watch, envy and dread each other's every move. Every week, as cast members compete in a series of fast-paced challenges, viewers will be asked to participate in real time on social media and affect the outcome of each player's fate.
Large davis
Jan 27, 2015 11:49AM EST

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This made-for-Syfy-Survivor-copycat has ludicrous rules and dead drama that overshadow the show's conceptual themes. Definitely a missed opportunity.


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