Review of Orphan Black

60 minutes

A streetwise hustler witnesses the suicide of a girl who looks just like her and falls headlong into a deadly mystery.
Aug 19, 2017 5:10AM EDT

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This is a show that I knew was special from the beginning. The way that they (especially lead actress Tatiana Maslany) have managed to create all of the different clones and always kept true to each and everyone of their unique personalities is truly remarkable. Especially in the later seasons when many of the main clones knew each other and interacted with each other.

I'm writing this right after having finished the last episode of the series and my opinion is that they really kept the story moving throughout all of the seasons, whilst at the same time always staying on the same thread. What I mean is that each season had it's own goal (learning about the clones, learning about the people behind the clone project, ultimately defeating the people trying to control them) but the seasons connected to each other in a very logical way that stayed true to the underlying story.

There's been plenty of action and violence but it's been used with a purpose to the story and the character development, which in my opinion isn't always the case. I've had to say goodbye to some of my favorite characters but I think all of them got memorable deaths and thought out farewells, as they deserved. It was also clear that their deaths had importance to other characters development which is always a nice thing.

One thing I'm very sorry about is that Michiel Huisman, most likely because of scheduling issues, couldn't play a bigger role in the show. He portrayed Sarah's old love interest and Kira's father and would've been a really good and refreshing contribution to Sarah's storyline.

All things considered, if it's not clear by all these kind words, I am very happy to have followed this show and that I got to witness this groundbreaking new way of making television.

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