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Outbreak Company Episode #12 Anime Review

The last episode of Outbreak Company basically restores the status quo, which is the way the market works these days. If it’s a success, there’s certain to be additional light novels that can be adapted, or new adventures can be created. However, that means that the conclusion isn’t terribly impactful, as Shinichi does not die out of his love for the purity of otaku culture, nor is a winner from the harem picked. The show merely ends on a solid note, which is fitting for the kind of compromises Outbreak Company makes. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #11 Anime Review

If I were to guess what this episode of Outbreak Company was to be about, judging from past episodes, I’d say we were due for a hot springs episode, where springs were discovered in dwarven country, and we’d see Shinichi’s harem in various states of undress. It would only make sense from the way Outbreak Company’s earlier, clever observations had basically become watered down into self-referential humor with nothing new to say. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #10 Anime Review

The worst thing that any show can do is make a stupid joke involving cream falling on the heroine in some suggestive way, and that’s exactly how this episode of Outbreak Company starts out. That kind of thing is usually only seen in dedicated fanservice shows, and in a way it suggests that Outbreak Company is finally out of ideas. The self-indulgent chaos that is to follow doesn’t inspire any additional confidence. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #09 Anime Review

The last couple of episodes of Outbreak Company have been pretty self-indulgent, but I think this marks the first time that Outbreak Company’s fealty to otaku tropes outweighs jokes about those tropes themselves. Naturally, this is the swimsuit episode. But no mere swimsuit episode: A swimsuit episode where Shinichi declares it’s the swimsuit episode and has Myucel recall swimsuit episodes from other anime in order to know how to act. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #08 Anime Review

I’ve never been particularly fond of the Petralka character in Outbreak Company, textbook tsundere that she is. She’s the one character in Outbreak Company who feels like she exists only to meet the demands of the otaku checklist. So seeing as this episode revolved around her, I wasn’t expecting much of anything this time around. No matter how many times it pulls the same trick, Outbreak Company continues to pleasantly surprise me, although never so much that I don’t expect the next episode to be the one where it all just falls apart. We’re 2/3rds through the show now, so it may just be time for me to face facts that Outbreak Company is really entertaining. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #07 Anime Review

With news that the Cool Japan program in Japan getting $1 billion to invest in promoting Japanese culture, Outbreak Company and its parodic take on such a program is getting more surreal. Perhaps the peak of surreality is this: An episode where a “real” moe elf maid goes to a moe maid cafe. On a certain level, this episode is kind of a wonder of otaku and Japanese culture self-referencing, but on a more basic one, it’s kind of a lazy “date” episode, one typical of a harem comedy. So, it’s the usual balancing act for Outbreak Company. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #06 Anime Review

I wasn’t looking forward to a sports episode in a series ostensibly about otaku culture, but as it’s probably the best and funniest episode of Outbreak Company to date, I regret my misgivings. People who aren’t even following Outbreak Company might even give it a chance, as it stands alone pretty well, and is a great story of best intentions going awry. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #05 Anime Review

Each week I dread the seemingly inevitable collapse of Outbreak Company into generic harem piffle, and each week I remain pleasantly surprised by the show’s restraint. But can ‘restraint’ really be used of a series were a werewolf girl goes into “heat”? Whether it’s my standards declining, other series falling lower than Outbreak Company finds itself willing to go, or some sort of Stockholm Syndrome, I find myself enjoying the series every week. Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #04 Anime Review

In the last episode’s review, I condemned it for relying on a breast size discussion instead of proper character development. This episode, in contrast, begins with a dramatic fakeout, and then abandons any thoughtful political drama for a series of ecchi gags. Yet for some reason the episode remains amusing, despite aiming for a much lower target. Have my standards collapsed? Or is Outbreak Company thoughtful enough to provide a context in which these gags work? Read More... //

Outbreak Company Episode #03 Anime Review

At this point, I expected Outbreak Company to remain cutely amusing. What I did not expect was drama or action executed with any degree of competence. So again, the show continues to be much better than anyone might expect. However, its light novel conventions still continue to hold it back from true greatest. Read More... //