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'Outlander' postmortem: EP Ronald Moore talks Geillis reveal, Claire's shocking choice

Spoiler alert! In its 11th episode, Outlander saw Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) prosecutedfor witchcraft, which lead to the shocking discovery that Geillis is also from the future1968, to be precise)While Claire was eventually rescued by Jaime (Sam Heughan)and...   Read More... //

Behind Outlander, on Starz, True Hearts in the Highlands

Ronald D. Moore, the executive producer of the TV series Outlander, and Terry Dresbach, its costume designer, discuss the challenges and joys of working together as a couple on a project with a rabid fan base.   Read More... //

The Most Important Shows on TV: Week of April 20, 2015

Which TV series will your friends (and the entire internet) be talking about this week? Stay informed—or at least be able to fake it—with SideReel's weekly guide to The Most Important Shows on TV.   iZombie Tuesday at 9:00pm on The CW Why:  Let's face it, iZombie is about as close as The CW gets to sitcom territory, and it's a  procedural  in which the main character works in the medical examiner's office in order to gain access to brains. To live. It's weirdly violent, gross, and adorable! Why WOULDN'T you want to watch it? Prepare to talk about: How Liv is basically the smartest zombie ever by getting in on the brain supply and using her health requirements to solve crimes (a superhero for our time, truly); how Rose McIver has the largest eyes in the world (THEY SEE INTO YOUR SOUL); how this show has singlehandedly saved the zombie genre for you.   Outlander Saturday at 9:00pm on Starz Why: Because Jamie and Claire are going to Lallybroch, the positively perfectly named magical castle place whence came Jamie. We can assume that they'll live an idyllic life there togeth—JK, no, they'll probably find terror/horror/British people who want to kill them. Prepare to talk about: How tough it must have been to heat one of those stone castles back in the day ; how it was probably not super great to have as much sex back then as Jamie and Claire seem to, what with the lack of hygiene standards (ew, lice); how really, Claire has adjusted remarkably well to her time travel, considering the circumstances.     The Last Man on Earth Sunday at 9:00pm on FOX Why:  This is a sitcom that seems to have been adapted straight from Sartre's "No Exit." Hell is other people, amirite, Phil? It's like  The Twilight Zone , but funny. Everyone else is dead, you've declared yourself President of the United States (hell, you've even won an election and you only had to convince the remaining residents of your cul-de-sac in Tucson) and now those few people left are ready to throw you out of office? What's the point of living through the apocalypse if you can't rule through love OR fear? Prepare to talk about:  Whether you'd vote for Phil MIller for President of what's left of the United States of America, even though (or maybe because?) he spent years using a pool as a toilet; who'd get what in a game of F/M/K with the cul-de-sac residents; Phil Miller: is he your ego, your superego, or your id?     Leah E. Friedman  is the editor of You can follow her musings on  Twitter .

On the Set of Outlander: How to Wear a Kilt Like a Highlander

No one looks better in a kilt than Outlander's Jamie Fraser, but getting the star ready for his scenes actually takes quite a bit of skill. During our set visit in Scotland, assistant costume designer Graham Hunter demonstrated how he outfits everyone on the ...   Read More... //

Outlanders Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish on Their Sibling Rivalry, Virility, and Fans Looking Up Their Kilts

  Spoilers ahead from the most recent episode of Outlander .   Two brothers lead Clan MacKenzie on Outlander Jamie's maternal uncles Colum and Dougal but right now, Dougal is on the outs. Following the death of his long-suffering wife, his lovers husband, Arthur Duncan, has also died, and it all looks very suspicious. Dougal has also gotten said lover, Geillis, pregnant, but Colum orders him to leave Castle Leoch. And so Dougal departs, Jamie in tow, just as Geillis and Claire are arrested for witchcraft. Actors Gary Lewis and Graham McTavish, who play Colum and Dougal, chatted with Vulture about their characters' sibling rivalry, virility, and why fans are looking up their kilts.   Read More... //

'Outlander' Boss, Star on Pregnancy Reveal, Claire's Strength

Lotte Verbeek and Ron Moore weigh in on Geillis and Dougal's relationship.   Read More... //

'Outlander's' Caitriona Balfe finds those tough scenes 'almost cathartic'

Zap2it: With all your intense scenes on Starz's "Outlander," does your character of Claire require some coming down from at the end of the day?Caitriona Balfe: Only twice that has had to happen. You know, it's interesting. Some days, those tough, emotional scenes are almost cathartic. You get out anything you need during them and you feel quite exhausted by the end of the day but sometimes you feel quite refreshed in a strange way. It's like you purged something of yourself.But one particular day, both Sam [Heughan, her co-star] and I sort of attested to this, when there's the judgment scene, I guess is what we're calling it. You know, a lot of people know that's coming up, which is sort of the punishments where Jamie needs to sort of chastise Claire or whatever for her trying to run, and that was a difficult one because I feel like it's not something that is... //

Will Jamie Believe Claire's Time-Traveling Tale on Outlander?

  How will Outlander 's Jamie respond when Claire is forced to tell him the truth about where she came from? Surprisingly well! On the April 18 episode, Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) will fight for her life yet again when she and Geillis ( Lotte Verbeek ) are accused of and tried for being witches. While --   Read More... //

Outlander Returns with a Horrific Arc for Jamie, Doubts for Claire

  In the first half of Outlander 's freshman season, 1930s-era Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) mysteriously transported through time to 1740s Scotland. And although she may have eventually accepted her fate -- and love -- with new husband Jamie ( Sam Heughan ), once the series returns on Saturday (9/8c, Starz),   Read More... ...   //

'Outlander' exclusive peek: Is the honeymoon over for Claire and Jamie?

Is the honeymoon over? In a new exclusive clip from the midseason premiere of Starzs Outlander (airing April 4 at 9 p.m.), we witness the tumultuous aftermath of Claires (Caitriona Balfe) rescue from the clutches of dastardly Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies...    Read More... //